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  • Powerful relaxant

  • Strong painkiller

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy booster

Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Q: Are Hemp and Marijuana Different? A: Yes!

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    to Acology into Industry Intends in CBD Bid Solutions, Acquire EZ Strong Talks Health

    It should not be construed as Viridian recommending investment in cannabis companies or as a solicitation to buy or sell any security or engage in a particular investment strategy. Investment in cannabis companies entails substantial risk.

    Before acting on any information, you should consider whether it is suitable for your particular circumstances and consult all available material, and, if necessary, seek professional advice.

    Integrating more than 3 years of data collection, segmentation, and analysis, the Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker supports decision-making by providing sector-specific actionable intelligence and trend analysis in regard to issuers, investors, acquirers, valuations, deal structures, and deal terms. The above information whether in part or in its entirety neither constitutes an offer nor makes any recommendation to buy or sell any securities. Viridian Capital Advisors www.

    Marijuana remains illegal under federal law. The Federal Government does not recognize marijuana to have any medicinal values. Marijuana cultivation, possession, consumption, sales, and distribution are illegal under federal laws and also certain state laws.

    Data comparability is ensured by strict application of common concepts and definitions. Precision requirements also have to be fulfilled to ensure the reliability of the results. Quality reports are transmitted by each MS and evaluated by Eurostat. Micro-data are transmitted by each country and are subject to in-depth validation. In that context the EMCO Indicators Sub-Group is looking at the data requirements for monitoring the YG, and on the basis of a Commission proposal, will come forward with recommendations on the collection of information at EU level.

    It is expected to produce results towards the end of Since , when the economic crisis burst in Greece, a huge number of migrants, who were substantially responsible for the increased level of undeclared work, have left the country, but instead of the percentage of undeclared labour during this period declining, as was to be expected, the opposite has occurred: It will bring together such Member State enforcement bodies as the labour inspectorates and the social security, tax and migration authorities.

    The implementing body for the programme, currently in progress, is the Greek labour inspectorate. The Portuguese memorandum required the renegotiation of guaranteed prices in order to reduce the guaranteed rates retroactively; and that.

    These lawsuits have been filed with international arbitration bodies and with the International Court of Justice in The Hague;. Why does it believe that RES special account deficit in Greece is increasing? Is the policy being pursued compatible with the proposals made by the Commission in its Third Review of the Second Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece?

    The Commission confirms that it remains opposed to retroactive changes to renewable energy support schemes, while acknowledging that several Member States like Greece need to reduce their support to renewables in line with the reduction of production costs. It has threfore become evident to the Greek authorities that compensations for investment in renewable energy needed to be brought back to cost-efficient levels to stabilise the system, through measures which nevertheless preserve an overall positive investment climate.

    The Commission has made the authorities aware that any adjustment should be done without endangering the economic viability of existing projects and at the same time without putting an excessive burden on consumers.

    The Commission is also supporting, through Technical Assistance, the Greek Government in its efforts to reform the renewable energy regulatory and legislative framework in the short to medium-term. Following the subsidiarity principle, the Greek Government is responsible for identifying the most appropriate way to achieve the abovementioned and pressing objectives, including deciding how to share the efforts amongst renewable energy producers and between them and consumers. In the same proposal, however, the Commission does not see fit to propose a mandatory renewables target or a sector-specific GHG reduction target for transport.

    Instead, it has stated that it believes that Member States will adopt national renewable targets in transport, mostly to be fulfilled with biofuels. At present, and despite the uniform EU renewable energy target for transport for , the share of biofuels in total fuel in Member States varies to a considerable extent. Furthermore, Member States can introduce high blends such as E85 although these need a dedicated fuel infrastructure and flex fuel vehicles.

    The Commission will also continue to provide support and input in the setting of new, and the adaptation of existing, fuel standards by CEN, particularly as regards aligning new and existing standards with EU legislation. Most — but not all e. The Commission will table possible legislative proposals following the Communication based on the input from the European Parliament, Member States and stakeholders in due course.

    In particolare, in un periodo di crisi economica come quello attuale, alcuni Stati sono in ritardo o si trovano a diminuire gli stanziamenti al bilancio dell'ESA. Tale situazione potrebbe provocare una riduzione dei progetti per questi paesi con molteplici ripercussioni: The ESA receives funding from EU Member States, which it uses to finance projects in such a way that every contributing Member State gets back as much of its investment as possible, through contracts with companies, SMEs and research centres.

    However, it is sometimes not possible, in the short term, to maintain this perfect balance between the amounts invested and received. This could subsequently lead to fewer projects being carried out for these countries, which in turn could have many severe repercussions, such as jobs being lost, research projects being scrapped, centres of excellence dedicated to supporting space programmes being closed down, and so on.

    Can it devise a formula to allow for some degree of flexibility in the Geographical Return criterion, so that if a Member State is temporarily unable to make its full contribution, this would have no detrimental effect on the projects and activities being carried out by its research centres and SMEs, thereby safeguarding jobs and protecting the levels of expertise already acquired?

    The geographical return mechanism does not apply to European Union funding. En concreto, se hallan en esta zona las siguientes especies incluidas en su Anexo I: Ardeola ralloides , Egretta garzetta , Ardea purpurea , Himantopus himantopus y Burhinus oedicnemus. Ses Fontanelles is an environmentally precious wetland located on the island of Palma in the Balearics. This valuable enclave covers around The non-inclusion of Ses Fontanelles is certainly a glaring omission, since habitat Mediterranean salt steppes, Limonietalia is very scarce in the Balearic Islands, and the area in question is probably the most extensive, continuous and, up until now, best preserved example of it in the entire archipelago.

    Ardeola ralloides , Egretta garzetta , Ardea purpurea , Himantopus himantopus and Burhinus oedicnemus. Earthmoving work has recently begun for the construction of a large shopping centre on land occupied by the above habitats of Community importance and habitats for strictly protected species.

    These activities are totally incompatible with the conservation of these natural assets. The Commission therefore does not consider that additional SCI needs to be proposed for this habitat type in Spain.

    The Commission considers that the current SPA network in Spain complies with the requirements of the Birds Directive and that, in light of the available information, there is no need to classify Ses Fontanells as an SPA. Such a practice, should it actually be taking place, ought to be severely penalised at a time when most airlines are playing by the rules, competing with each other and complying with EU social legislation, despite the economic crisis affecting European air transport.

    The European committee for sectoral social dialogue in civil aviation recently launched an inquiry into this issue, and not long ago there was an exchange of views in Parliament's Committee on Employment and Social Affairs. Has the Commission conducted an inquiry into this practice, which, should it actually be taking place, would seriously call into question social safeguards for workers in the sector, as well as free and undistorted competition between airlines?

    If not, does it intend to do so? Should the inquiry by the Commission confirm the facts, will it promptly take the necessary action to put an end to the situation? This report highlights that there is a growing trend amongst airlines to outsource core functions, such as provision of flight and cabin crew. The relationship between the airline and these personnel can be complex and not always transparent.

    Studies are being carried out, with co-financing provided through an EU grant, by the European social partners in civil aviation on new atypical forms of employment in air crew, especially bogus self-employment. The Commission will examine the findings carefully once available. The responsibility for enforcing and monitoring labour law and working conditions rests in principle on the Member States.

    It will bring together Member State enforcement bodies, such as the labour inspectorates and the social security, tax and migration authorities. Consultations publiques et multilinguisme. Since the purpose of such a procedure is to gather as much feedback as possible from EU citizens and stakeholders on a topic chosen by the Commission, drawing up the relevant questionnaire in only one official language, in this instance English, makes no sense whatsoever.

    The language barrier and the comprehension issues it raises also call into question the representativeness of the answers, as does the further confusion created by the Commission including default answers on the questionnaire. What is the Commission's policy on multilingualism in public consultation procedures?

    Does the Commission agree that the use of pre-completed questionnaires undermines the accuracy and objectivity of the information gathered? The Commission made its best efforts to make sure that the consultation document could be equally accessible to copyright experts as well as to citizens and users. Respondents had the possibility to reply to all questions and to substantiate their reply with comments on each of the topics. The consultation document did not contain any pre-completed or default answer.

    Studie zur Kennzeichnung sogenannter Halal-Schlachtungen. In der Antwort des Herrn Dalli vom 2. Wurde eine solche Studie wie geplant umgesetzt? Wenn ja, zu welchem Schluss kam man in der Studie? Falls ja, sieht die Kommission die Kennzeichnung von Produkten mit einer gesteigerten Kontaminationsgefahr von E.

    The study would consider the opportunity of providing consumers with information on the stunning of animals before they are slaughtered. Has the planned study been carried out? If so, what conclusions were reached? If not, are there still plans to carry it out? Is the Commission aware of a causal relationship between the increase in the number of fresh cases of infection with E.

    If so, does the Commission consider that labelling products with an increased risk of contamination from E. The Commission has mandated a study on the information to consumers on the stunning of animals in The Commission is not aware of any scientific studies proving a causal relationship between infection with E.

    Food labelling ensures consumers are fully informed about the nature and characteristics of the food they consume but is not a food safety tool. Autorevoli fonti di stampa riferiscono che entro giugno saranno versati i primi milioni di euro di aiuti europei all'Ucraina. How will it go about monitoring the use of the funds by Ukraine?

    Questo sito riguarda l'Italia. Chi sostiene i costi di ogni singola tappa organizzazione, trasferimenti, relatori? Quali strategie pubblicitarie sono state impiegate per far conoscere il sito e con quali costi? Altri Stati membri hanno un sito internet simile? In caso positivo, quali sono questi Stati e hanno ricevuto finanziamenti europei e per quali somme?

    EU, illustrato in dettaglio nel sito web dedicato www. Si tratta di una serie di cinque eventi complementari svoltisi sul territorio italiano, cui hanno partecipato i principali soggetti interessati alle tematiche in causa. Tutti i dettagli sono reperibili nel sito dedicato all'indirizzo politically. The aim of the Politically. Who instructed this website to be set up: This website relates to Italy.

    Who pays for each convention or workshop organisation, transport, speakers? It is clear that the vast majority of citizens do not know that this platform exists. What publicity strategies have been launched to make the website more well-known, and how much have they cost? Do any other Member States have similar websites, and if so, which? In addition, did these Member States receive any European financial assistance, and if so, how much? The European Commission Representation in Italy has launched and funded the realisation of the Politically.

    EU cycle of events, duly described and detailed on the dedicated website www. It has been a path of five complementary events throughout Italy attended by the key players in the selected subjects.

    The events were aimed at fostering the national debate on the selected issues and included two sessions: All the details are available in the politically. EU cycle of events. For the time being no specific publicity strategy has been foreseen nor paid for. It is impossible to estimate the website cost because the tender provided for an all-inclusive cost for all the services requested in the Politically.

    It is perfectly clear that a de minimis exception of this kind would be allowed for some fish species in cases where increasing gear selectivity is demonstrably not possible or the costs of handling unwanted catches are shown to be disproportionate.

    The Commission's answer did not consider in the slightest the specific conditions pertaining to aquaculture-based fisheries of this kind. Well documented in literature, these conditions turn minimum catch size into an extremely contentious, if not indeed unjustified, principle.

    That being so, we repeat the question:. The management measures applied to the clams stocks by the Italian consortia, some of which are recalled by the Honourable Member in his request, were already in force at the time of adoption of the Mediterranean Regulation.

    As for the possibility to anticipate the entry into force of the landing obligation: Revizija vizne politike Europske unije. Pristupanjem Europskoj uniji 1. According to studies carried out by the Commission, in alone, 6. While presenting the proposal, the Commission also put forward assessments showing that a more liberal visa policy would create some 1.

    This regulation is one of the rules of the Schengen acquis that are binding on, and applicable in, all new Member States from the date of their accession. This is a logical step in preparation for the future full participation of Croatia in the Schengen area. Although the application of these lists may have had as a consequence that Croatia now has to impose visas on citizens of countries who could previously visit Croatia visa-free, the Union has visa facilitation agreements with some of those countries, including Ukraine and Russia.

    This means that for Russian and Ukrainian citizens there are significant facilitations for obtaining a Schengen visa or a Croatian visa. Should Croatia decide to use the authorisation for unilateral recognition offered by this decision, holders of valid Schengen visas will be allowed entry for transit or short stay in Croatia, without the need to hold a Croatian visa.

    This will facilitate travel to Croatia for the citizens of the third states who are obliged to hold a visa when travelling to Croatia. This is expected to be beneficial to its tourist industry. In het Youth in Action programma erkende de Europese Commissie vrijwilligerswerk in de boekhouding als inbreng in natura. De bevoegde ordonnateur mag bijdragen in natura als medefinanciering aanvaarden, indien dit noodzakelijk of passend wordt geacht. Door deze persoonlijke interpretatie mogelijk te maken zien vele jongerenorganisaties door de bomen het bos niet meer en zijn ze volledig overgeleverd aan de gunst van het nationale agentschap.

    Zo kan er oneerlijke behandeling en afgunst ontstaan. Opnieuw vrijwilligerswerk automatisch toestaan als medefinanciering zodat jongerenorganisaties een beurs kunnen aanvragen, is noodzakelijk. De administratieve rompslomp van het inbrengen van vrijwilligerswerk als medefinanciering afwegen tegen de meerwaarde voor de jongerenorganisatie kan niet de bedoeling zijn en is in strijd met de Europese waarden waar wij voor staan.

    Hoe denkt de Commissie dit artikel toe te passen zonder dat er oneerlijke behandeling kan ontstaan? Waarom roept de Commissie administratieve redenen in als uitleg voor het afdanken van een regel die jongerenorganisaties een hart onder de riem kan steken? Voor de subsidies in de vorm van dergelijke automatische financiering dient geen rekening te worden gehouden met de werkelijk gemaakte subsidiabele kosten van de begunstigde of met welke bijdragen in natura ook ten behoeve van het project.

    Voor twee activiteiten is deze algemene aanpak niet van toepassing. In the Youth in Action programme, the Commission recognised voluntary work in the accounts as a contribution in kind. Youth organisations were allowed to contribute voluntary work as co-financing and could also compete for a European grant.

    If co-financing in kind is offered in support of subsidies for small amounts and the authorising officer has decided to reject this, he must indicate why this is unnecessary or inappropriate. Because this personal interpretation has been made possible, many youth organisations can no longer see the wood for the trees and they are completely at the mercy of the national agency.

    This paves the way for unfair treatment and envy. It is necessary once again to automatically permit voluntary work as co-financing, so that youth organisations can apply for a grant. Weighing the administrative effort involved in contributing voluntary work as co-financing against the added value to the youth organisation cannot be what is intended, and is contrary to the European values for which we stand.

    How does the Commission intend to apply this article so as to render unfair treatment impossible? Why does the Commission invoke administrative reasons to explain the abandonment of a rule which can be a shot in the arm for youth organisations? Cambiamenti climatici e sicurezza alimentare.

    La politica agricola comune PAC , in particolare, svolge un ruolo importante nel rafforzare la resilienza delle aree rurali dell'Unione europea agli effetti dei cambiamenti climatici. Gli Stati membri dell'UE finanziano anche il Fondo per l'adattamento per integrare i cambiamenti climatici nelle politiche di sviluppo e nei bilanci dei paesi in via di sviluppo.

    The fifth assessment report published by the group of experts on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC , which was very recently unveiled in Yokohama and will serve as the basis for future climate negotiations, reveals that climate change, far from being a phenomenon that could pose a threat to food security at some point in the distant future, actually requires urgent attention right now.

    The Common Agricultural Policy CAP in particular plays an important role in increasing the resilience of EU rural areas to the effects of climate change. The strategy provides guidance on how to further integrate climate adaptation under the CAP. Support is provided by mainstreaming climate change into global thematic programs, as well as in country and regional multiannual programs. EU Member States also contribute to the Adaptation Fund, to integrate climate change into development policies and developing countries budgets.

    For the programming cycle , the Commission intends to work with 50 developing countries to promote the sustainable intensification of agricultural production systems so as to tackle the challenge of producing more food with a dwindling resource base and in the context of climate change. A fronte di un numero crescente di arrivi di profughi sulle coste italiane, l'Associazione nazionale dei comuni italiani Anci ha lanciato un allarme: L'importo residuo dev'essere ancora assegnato. Integra questi finanziamenti l'azione di Frontex e dell'Ufficio europeo di sostegno per l'asilo EASO a supporto dell'Italia nella gestione delle frontiere e nel rafforzamento del sistema di asilo.

    In light of the above, does the Commission intend to allocate funds and extraordinary resources to Italy and its social welfare system, which has now reached breaking point owing to the unmanageable influx of refugees streaming to the country? The remaining amount is still to be allocated. This funding is currently complemented by action undertaken by Frontex and EASO to support Italy in managing its borders and strengthening its asylum system.

    The European Commission will provide a first comprehensive picture of the steps taken following the recommendations of the TFM by the end of May, in order to inform the discussions in the Justice and Home Affairs Council as well as in the European Council and in the European Parliament. Si tratta di dati preoccupanti, soprattutto se si considera che in valore assoluto la disoccupazione ha toccato in Italia i massimi livelli.

    La strategia europea per l'occupazione offre agli Stati membri un quadro per condividere informazioni e coordinare le loro politiche dell'impiego. Gli strumenti finanziari dell'UE, quali i fondi strutturali e d'investimento europei, sostengono gli Stati membri nei loro sforzi per incoraggiare la crescita e l'occupazione. Ulteriori risorse sono disponibili nell'ambito dell'iniziativa a favore dell'occupazione giovanile compresi milioni di EUR per l'Italia per sostenere l'attuazione dei piani nazionali di garanzia per i giovani degli Stati membri.

    These figures are very alarming, especially given that, in absolute terms, the unemployment rate in Italy has reached record levels. The Commission is aware of the figures cited by the Honourable Member. EU financial instruments, such as the European Structural and Investment Funds, support the Member States in their efforts to foster growth and employment. Can the High Representative report of any developments that she may have learnt from her contacts with the Indian authorities?

    Can the Commission report of any developments that it may have learnt from its contacts with the Indian authorities? According to the latest available information, the Italian marines are still being held in New Delhi, with no charge sheet having been issued despite almost two years have passed since the incident.

    L'amministrazione provinciale di Aceh, territorio indonesiano ricco di petrolio, popolato da circa 5 milioni di abitanti, e il suo Consiglio legislativo hanno approvato la Qanun Jinayat, una legge che obbliga tutti, musulmani e non musulmani, a seguire la Shari'a, il codice legale islamico. Il Qanun impone che tutti i presunti violatori della Shari'a siano processati in base alla legge islamica, indipendentemente dalla loro religione.

    La sharia, concetto generico che abbraccia diversi aspetti giuridici, conosce diverse interpretazioni nei paesi in cui si applica e tra gli studiosi. L'Unione non intende quindi addentrarsi in questioni riguardanti le fonti del diritto ma interviene nei casi di applicazione di leggi o quadri giuridici che violino le norme internazionali sui diritti umani e operino discriminazioni nei confronti di gruppi o minoranze.

    The Qanun Jinayat stipulates that anyone suspected of having broken Sharia law must be tried by an Islamic court, regardless of their religion. Does it believe that this law infringes upon the human rights and religious freedom of all non-Muslim citizens, and will jeopardise their safety and security? Does it intend to launch an investigation via the EEAS to make sure that no abuse is being perpetrated, especially against the minority Christian population? The Commission is aware of issues over the implementation of Sharia law in Aceh and will continue to follow closely the situation of all religious minorities in Indonesia including by raising the subject at the forthcoming EU-Indonesia Human Rights Dialogue.

    Sharia is a general concept that encompasses differrent legal aspects and is the subject of varying interpretations both in the countries where it is applied and among specialists. The EU is, however, concerned with the application of any law or legal framework, when it constitutes a violation of international human rights norms and proves discriminatory towards certain group or minorities. Nuovo sistema di autorizzazione dei diritti di impianto a partire dal Il sistema dei diritti di impianto si conclude nel , tuttavia un nuovo sistema di autorizzazione viene introdotto a partire dal e fino al Dopo tale data gli impianti viticoli potranno essere effettuati solo se autorizzati.

    L'articolo 68 del regolamento UE n. The new common agricultural policy for the period from to has put a stop to the unbridled liberalisation of wine growing. The current system for awarding wine planting rights will expire in , but a new system is to be introduced for the period from to The Member States which employ the existing system have until to decide if they wish to switch to the new one. Can the Commission explain in detail how the transition to the new system will take place?

    Can it say whether the new system will take due account of the role played by local organisations and wine-producing regions in the procedures for awarding wine planting rights without increasing the amount of red tape involved unnecessarily? After this date vine plantings can only be done with authorisations.

    Member States must therefore organise a procedure at national level and decide the deadline to allow for such conversion to take place which may be any time between and Recognised and representative PO's may issue recommendations to Member States following an agreement reached in the reference geographical area where such PO operates in relation to annual limits to be established for the granting of authorisations for new plantings.

    The involvement of PO's in such decision-making process should necessarily be done according to a transparent, public and well defined procedure at national or regional level in Member States. Possibile risparmio dei costi di stampa nelle istituzioni dell'UE modificando i font di redazione dei documenti. La Commissione ringrazia l'onorevole deputato per la presente interrogazione.

    The Commission thanks the Honourable Member for this question. As the Honourable Member may be aware, the Commission and the others Institutions have decided to use Times New Roman for all official communication, however the Commission cannot answer for the other Institutions.

    It is aware of the facts outlined by the Honourable Member. In case of a positive assessment, a corresponding action could be reported in the environmental statements drafted under the EMAS regulation. Ritardo dei pagamenti e procedura d'infrazione per l'Italia. Le sanzioni pecuniarie possono essere comminate dopo che lo Stato membro non si sia conformato alla sentenza della Corte di giustizia. Can the Commission clarify the circumstances and facts which led to this decision?

    Can the Commission indicate when the letter of formal notice will be sent to Italy? Can the Commission indicate the possible size of the financial penalty which may be imposed on Italy for failure to comply with the directive? Does not the Commission consider that it ought to use any payment which may be levied from Italy to transfer money to all the businesses which are still waiting to be paid by the Italian public administration?

    The Commission has contacted the Italian authorities to ask for clarifications as regards the transposition of the directive into Italian law as well as its correct implementation. As regards the transposition, the Italian authorities reacted positively and announced that they would amend the national law as requested by the Commission. The Commission is now waiting for the approval of such amendments in order to close the transposition case. Concerning the implementation of the directive, the Commission has been alerted to the fact that the Italian public authorities are not respecting the payment periods established by the directive.

    The Commission is currently assessing all the information gathered. As concerns financial penalties, they can be imposed following the failure of the Member State to comply with the judgment of the Court of Justice. It would thus be premature to assess the possible size of the financial penalty.

    Smantellamento di navi in Bangladesh. Le decisioni relative ai programmi UE di assistenza allo sviluppo saranno prese nell'ambito dei regimi pertinenti. What action will the Commission take to give these workers a working environment with acceptable health and safety standards? The Commission is aware that the ship recycling industry in South-Asian countries is notorious for its poor environmental and labour safety records.

    This has not only led to serious accidents, many of them fatal, but also to long-term illnesses suffered by workers handling asbestos and other toxins without safe disposal facilities. Addressing decent work deficits in the ship recycling sector will require actions by both the industry and authorities in cooperation with social partners.

    Decisions on EU development assistance programmes will be taken in the context of the relevant development assistance arrangements. Visita del presidente cinese Xi Jinping alle istituzioni europee. Preso atto che il presidente non ha partecipato a nessun incontro con la stampa, la Commissione:. Come ha inteso rappresentare le istanze degli imprenditori europei che subiscono la concorrenza sleale di questo paese? I costi per l'accoglienza del Presidente cinese sono stati coperti dalle normali dotazioni di bilancio di cui dispongono il Consiglio e la Commissione per ricevere i visitatori di alto livello di paesi terzi.

    I negoziati attualmente in corso per un accordo bilaterale sugli investimenti saranno cruciali sotto questo aspetto. Per quanto riguarda le tariffe doganali, i dazi sulle importazioni applicati dalla Cina sono conformi ai suoi impegni internazionali. Gli sforzi al fine di un'ulteriore riduzione o dell'eliminazione dei dazi si concentrano ora sui negoziati plurilaterali per la revisione dell'accordo sulla tecnologia dell'informazione e su una nuova iniziativa plurilaterale sui beni ecologici.

    Nel corso dell'incontro la UE ha sottolineato l'importanza cruciale del contributo cinese e della sua effettiva partecipazione a tali trattative ai fini di una loro buona conclusione. At least people gathered outside the seat of the European Parliament in Brussels on the occasion of the visit of Xi Jinping, President of China, to call for respect for human rights in that country, while at least fifty Tibetan men and women shaved their heads in solidarity with the people who have set themselves on fire in Tibet since Since the President did not meet the press at any point, can the Commission state:.

    How did the Commission represent the interests of European businesses confronted with unfair competition from China;. The cost of hosting the Chinese President was covered within the normal budget allocations of the Council and Commission for receiving top level visitors from third countries. The EU underlined the importance of domestic reforms to rebalance China's economy that should lead to a more significant services sector and more consumption in China, which in turn should provide opportunities for EU companies.

    The EU also advocated a further opening of China's market to foreign investors, adequate Intellectual Property Rights protection, and rule of law. The on-going negotiations on a bilateral Investment Agreement will be crucial in this respect.

    Concerning tariffs, China's applied import duties are in line with its international commitments. Efforts towards further tariff lowering or elimination are now focused on plurilateral negotiations for the revision of the Information Technology Agreement ITA and a new plurilateral initiative on Green Goods. The EU recalled at the meeting how China's contribution to and effective participation in these talks will be crucial to their successful conclusion.

    The EU underlined the importance of human rights in EU-China relations and recalled the EU's attachment to protection of the right to freedom of expression. I dati sui fatti in questione variano a seconda delle fonti: At least 14 people have been sentenced to death for this crime, while 19 others are serving life sentences. How does the Commission characterise the implementation by Ireland of the Cross-border Healthcare Directive, and in particular the establishment of a functioning national contact point?

    At the time of writing the Republic of Ireland has not notified the Commission of any transposition measures.

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    //05/01//0/en/Acology-in-Talks-to-Acquire-EZ-Health-Solutions- cialispanettet.top#cialispanettet.topr. Press Release: Ez-healthsolutions: Acology in Talks to Acquire EZ Health Solutions, Intends Strong Bid into CBD Industry. Explore commentary on ACOLOGY INC and hear what the experts at Acology In Talks To Acquire EZ Health Solutions, Intends Strong Bid Into CBD Industry.

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