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Effective medicine provided by mother nature

  • Powerful relaxant

  • Strong painkiller

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy booster

Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Common Questions About CBD Drops - How To Take CBD Oil

ml/900 High LIGHTER (4x CBD FLAVOR Extra strength) CBD Wisely Potency 15 – mg Oil Hemp



  • ml/900 High LIGHTER (4x CBD FLAVOR Extra strength) CBD Wisely Potency 15 – mg Oil Hemp
  • Treatibles Turkey 1 mg CBD Grain-Free Chews – Sm/Md Dogs
  • The Cabral Concept
  • 3 days ago 1 review for LIGHTER FLAVOR Wisely Extra High Potency Hemp CBD Oil – 15 ml/ mg CBD (4x strength). Rated 5 out of 5. xofa – February. This bottle contains 30 25mg capsules ( mg CBD). The whole hemp Wisely Extra High Potency Hemp CBD Oil – 15 ml/ mg CBD (4x strength). $ Wisely Extra High Potency Hemp CBD Oil – 30 ml/ mg CBD (4x strength). Rated out of 5 Wisely High Potency Hemp CBD Oil – 60 ml/ mg CBD Wisely Simply CBD Oil Flavorless Drops – 15 ml/ mg CBD LIGHTER FLAVOR Wisely Extra High Potency Hemp CBD Oil – 60 ml/ mg CBD (4x strength).

    ml/900 High LIGHTER (4x CBD FLAVOR Extra strength) CBD Wisely Potency 15 – mg Oil Hemp

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    Welcome to PHP-Nuke Elizabeth assured him that she could suit herself perfectly with those Please login with admin pass Rosings rationally softened; and Elizabeth perceived that she must wait Copyright c Tektronix, Inc. Tune into today's CabralConcept to discover the top 10 ways to beat seasonal affective disorder SAD - Enjoy the show! I am 20 years old and am very active. I lift quite a bit and am trying to lean out but not lose muscular progress.

    I do intermittent fasting and have been doing fasted cardio about 3 days per week. Will this diminish my muscles? Also, is fasted lifting okay to do? Hello Thank you for your advice! My question is what is the exact brand of the All-in-one greens drink? Where can I buy it? I have terrible digestive issues, would like to try it but am a bit apprehensive.

    Cabral, I am a 34yo female and I recently heard one of your podcasts on what an ideal TSH test result should look like. Over 7 years ago I complained about feeling tired all the time, struggling with my weight, peeling brittle nails, and feeling so cold. I wear sweaters year round in central Texas! Over the last 3 years my TSH levels were 1. I recently pulled my medical records at past doctors and my results were similar and not optimal based on what I learned from you.

    When my TSH was 3. What do you recommend I do to get my tsh levels to optimal and feel normal? Any suggestions you may have to feel better would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to take prescription chemical especially for the rest of my life.

    Cabral, I have been into healthy living for many years now and have thoroughly enjoyed your podcasts since finding them a couple of months ago. I have two symptoms that are puzzling to me even though I follow a healthy diet not vegan but mostly real food, occasional meat , exercise and get sunshine, social connection and rest.

    I do have stress in my life from 3 kids ages 12, 9 and 5. I will be 45 years old next month. First, I have very puffy skin under my eyes and pressure behind the eyes. The puffiness does not go away during the day, it is pretty constant. I have tried natural eye drops, limiting salt, eye creams and massage, elevating my head while sleeping, etc. I would expect some puffiness with my age but it is extreme. Also I have a puzzling symptom It passes quickly but it is strange.

    Any insight you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I have severe endometriosis but minimal pain usually apart from around the time of an ivf cycle when the extra estrogen feeds the endo.

    Is there anything you would recommend food or supplements etc to help mitigate this but also help to increase chances of implantation and a successful pregnancy? Hello, I've noticed that a few days before I get my monthly period I start getting a sore throat. Then the day before I get cold sores. I've Googled this and it seems that many women are getting these symptoms but no doctors seem to have solutions.

    Any ways to stop both these symptoms would be greatly appreciated. Hello, I'm, wondering if you can help point me in the right direction, I have not been diagnosed with any health issues but I know my body is not supposed to function the way it does. I have had insomnia since for the past 14ish years - it goes up and down, but I mainly manage it to a level where I can function normally obviously not a "normal" level of sleep I wake often throughout the night and literally don't remember when I slept through the night, I find it difficult to fall asleep often and this whole cycle creates anxiety for me, as it affects my partner too.

    I have suffered from constipation since I was little im 32 , I feel like I am constantly bloated - no matter how clean I eat, sometimes only a little, sometimes painfully. I have a thick coating on my tongue. I move my body - mostly walking and yoga and I work in a physical job, I eat pretty well - mostly plants and wholefoods,I have been vegetarian for nearly 3 years, I will eat the occasional wild caught fish.

    I don't seem to do well with dairy or gluten. I am a natural worrier and stresser and I just know this is all related! There may be more going on inside that I can't see but I think it is all linked. My main issues are the digestions issues and insomnia, I don't have anything else major going on - but to me they are major! I don't think my body is absorbing any nutrients from the relatively clean diet I eat, when I get unhealthy cravings its generally carbs, chocolate or sweets.

    My question is about root canals. I had one done a year ago, after seeing a holistic dentist who thought I should have the procedure done, and have second guessed my decision wondering if I should of had the tooth pulled instead. I'm now considering having it removed and having a removable denture put in.

    Do you think most people would be better off having the root canal removed rather than leaving it in the mouth and risking disease? Thanks so much for answering! Cabral, I am 38 year old female and an endomorph.

    A good friend of mine turned me on to your podcast several months ago, and I listen every morning. I appreciate your heart to share the knowledge you have and to see people get well.

    I have been on my own health journey for the past 7 years. In , I lost 30 pounds using Weight Watchers. In I started having massive brain fog. I have cut both out of my diet gluten gone as of the end of ; dairy gone as of In , I lost an additional 20 pounds through calorie counting and a workout plan of days a week: At the time, it felt like, in order to maintain that weight, I would have to count every calorie and work out hard 6 days a week or more for the rest of my life.

    Overall, I feel significantly better now than I did back in , but I still deal with symptoms: Throughout , I gained back 10 pounds and held there. I work from home often and could easily sleep hours a night. Even so, some days, my body would shut down during the day, and I would take an hour nap … only to sleep hours again the next night. At the beginning of this year, while monitored by a nutritionist, I did a day juice fast: During this fast, I felt amazing!!!

    I was reminded that I could feel vibrant and clear-headed and motivated and positive!!! Plus I would sleep hours, wake up on my own and feel refreshed! I lost the 20 pounds and felt like myself again. For most of the fast, I felt like I never wanted to eat food again. When I ate food, I would feel sluggish. I have gained back much of the 20 pounds.

    I feel bloated and sluggish and have a hard time focusing and getting motivated to live my life. Do you have any thoughts on why my body thrives on liquid but struggles with food? Do you have any recommendations on what I can do to help my body thrive consistently?

    An additional piece to the puzzle is that I have arthritis in my knees the right is worse than the left. This has made cardiovascular exercises basically impossible. The pain made running impossible starting in I recently used an upright bike for 10 min after you recommended it on your podcast.

    This is consistent with my experience for the past year plus. I am so appreciative! I share your name to everyone. My daughter just had her 2 year check up at the Children's hospital she went directly to about 2 hours after her birth. She was born early and suffered tremendous blood loss and was a "whole body cooled" baby - hypothermia treatment for 72 hours.

    She was either at 24 months or beyond for her development at her assessment today. However, the same dietician who rubbed me the wrong way at her 10 month high risk infant follow up appointment, giving me a hard time for choosing not to give her iron enriched "baby" cereals, was back at it again when asking if I give her dairy.

    I do not give her dairy. The dietician was saying how I need to keep an eye on her calcium. She said we can get calcium from dark green leafy greens, but how we'd need to consume 10x the amount of greens as dairy to get the same amount. I know she's not correct, but I chose to get through the appointment and save her my argument. Last time she was right, my daughters iron got low 9. I swear she rolled her eyes in her head when I said I'm still nursing her twice a day at 2 years.

    That's something that should be honored and I'm well aware it's not an absolute "need" at this point. BUT, we couldn't nurse the first 5 days of her life and we're fortunate we did perfectly when we got the green light to nurse.

    My daughter is also only 21 pounds at 2 years of age, but she's stayed on her own curve and she eats a fare amount of food, including fats like ghee, avocado, etc. She really only eats broccoli for her greens and sometimes I chop up spinach in her scrambled egg. She's a meat and sweet potatoes girl. What do I need to be giving her to keep up with calcium? Should I be concerned of her lower weight? Also, the last few weeks after trying bee pollen we get at the farmers market, she literally wants to eat it all day.

    Is carbonated water and seltzer somehow unhealthy? I love drinking flavored La Croix or Polar seltzers and probably drink a 12oz can x daily when I have them on hand. I really enjoy it and find that it's a nice treat when I'm tired of drinking water or herbal tea.

    I'm familiar with how, Ayurvedically speaking, carbonation can increase Vata. Are there any other health concerns to drinking carbonated waters of course assuming it's not my only source of water intake?

    Welcome back to another FridayReview where I share my favorite products, books, research, and other items I use in my private practice that are helping people get well, lose weight, and feel great! The 1st item is one of my favorite books on psychology and deals with how to increase your happiness factor in friendships, family, raising children, and in your work The 2nd review is a fun new way to enjoy water.

    It has a hint of maple and is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and prebiotics Plus it has half the sugar of coconut water! The last product share of the day has to do with an alternative to "Fire Cider" that can crush sinus problems, increase thermogenesis, and makes mucus disappear Tune into today's CabralConcept for all the Friday Reviews and health tips added in along the way - Enjoy the show!

    Some people don't need any more motivation to exercise, but for the average person getting in a workout takes a little bit of "psyching up The good news is that there are so many reasons to exercise you simply have to choose the right one that will get you moving in the right direction So on today's CabralConcept I want to share with you why it's so important and effective to workout before you go out to eat a big meal - Enjoy the show! The Holidays can be a real challenging time of the year when it comes to trying to stay healthy, fit, lean, stress-free, and not get sick On one hand you want to enjoy your time with friends, family, and at social events, but on the other hand you don't want to start the New Year, bloated, exhausted, overweight, and unhealthy Personally, I believe there is a way to still get to enjoy yourself while maintaining all the work you've been putting in over these past 12 months Tune into today's CabralConcept where I explain how to survive the holidays without feeling bloated, burnt out, and overburdened - Enjoy the show!

    Too often we're just labeled by our doctors, society, or the media as being depressed, anxious, apathetic, ADD, or exhibiting "addictive behaviors Then, pharmaceutical companies would have us treat our natural symptoms of bodily and brain dis-ease with unnatural synthetic drugs that don't actually explain why you feel this way, or how you got here However, since we know there is always a reason why the body gets out of balance or begins to feel a certain way we can begin to look at your symptoms as to what may be running in short supply On today's CabralConcept I want to share with you the missing brain chemical that boosts motivation, drive, focus, and feelings of being alive - Enjoy the show!

    As far as any of us can tell the complete absence of suffering in our life doesn't seem like a feasible goal to strive for And that's because highs and lows are part of the human experience - It's actually essential to our growth, since it's impossible to appreciate either one without the other That's why on today's CabralConcept I don't want you to fight a winless battle, but instead focus on the 1 thing you can control in your life - Enjoy the show!

    Hi Dr Cabral, as always, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I wrote in a few weeks back about my 10 year old son and how we healed his leaky gut which in turn eleviated the eye tics he was having. His most recent Nutreval showed the yeast was elevating some again. We are back on the biociden and the biofilm buster. When you answered my first question about why the yeast returned, you explained how we have to get rid of the bad yeast and replace it with the good yeast.

    We had stayed away from probiotics that have saccharomyces in them because it always caused his symptoms to flare. At first I thought the flare was because yeast was his highest sensitivity in the IgG.

    I realize the sensitivity is to the bad yeast but my question now is could the flare be from the saccharomyces even though they are the good guys or would the flare simply occur because we were adding the good guys while there were still too many guys which means too much yeast all together? Thank you so much for sharing with us each day, you are such a blessing. Hi Dr Cabral, I just sent in a question yesterday about my 10 year old son and the sacchromyces.

    I am realizing I may not have posed all of my question clearly so I'm adding on, and I'm so so sorry if this makes it confusing for you. Please feel free to copy and paste for the purpose of your house call.

    As I mentioned in yesterday's question my sons eye tics used to flare when I would give him probiotics with saccharomyces in them, but what I didn't mention was he was always totally fine with probiotics that didn't include the saccharomyces.

    His highest sensitivity on the IgG was to yeast. I realize that's the bad yeast and saccharomyces are the good yeast but why do the good cause a flare in symptoms? Is it simply because I added the good before getting rid of the bad? I guess my real question is why would he have been ok on probiotics that didn't include saccharomyces but have a hard time handling the ones that do have them?

    Is it as simple as too much yeast all together? So maybe when we rid the gut of the bad yeast he won't flare when we add the good?

    I've avoided the saccharomyces due to the previous flare in symptoms but am now learning that we need to be replenishing the good to keep the bad out! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing all of your incredible knowledge with us. I have the highest respect for you and what you do and can not begin to tell you how much I have learned and how our family's health has changed for the better since we were introduced to you and your incredible podcast.

    You are a gift to us. Megan PS I again apologize for the mistake and having to submit the same question twice, but I am interested to hear what you have to say about why the saccharomyces in particular cause a problem for him and I left out of the first submission. I love your podcast, it is so informative! I wanted to ask you about my workout program split. I typically do this kind of 5 day split: Basically, I lift days a week and get my cardio in either on the same day or on alternating days.

    Is this too much lifting? I have been doing it for awhile now and have enjoyed it, but I was listening to your recommendation about 3 days of resistance training per week.

    Cabral, I know you have a background in body building and personal training and am looking for advice in regards to putting on more muscle. I am a 25 year old former collegiate athlete and am very lean but am looking to put more mass on in the safest way possible.

    I eat predominately vegan and GF with some wild fish and eggs. I work out days a week and do a combo of lifting, swimming, and hatha yoga. I have read on the importance of ingrsting protein shakes before and after workouts as well as BCAAs pre, during, and post workout for anabolic muscle growth.

    Or are they even necessary? I appreciate your insight. Your products and podcasts have become a very positive part of my life, thank you for sharing your knowledge. She's tired all the time, never seems to have energy to do anything active, and could lay on the couch all day. We recently within the last year went vegetarian, and we limit dairy and eggs as much as possible, but this hasn't seemed to help with the issues she's having.

    About a year and a half ago she had a psoriasis "patch" show up on the back of her neck on her hair line, during a stressful period at work. It went away after she was prescribed some cream for it, but it bothers her randomly.

    Basically she's always had skin issues, and her mother and grandmother have thyroid issues that we now know have been passed to her. Here are the results of her first blood test T3 uptake - I know she needs to do an IgG food sensitivity test, but unfortunately we can't afford that and insurance won't cover it.

    She cut out those foods, and had her blood work taken about a month and a half later. These were her results the second time: Free T3 - 3. I've told her she needs to cut out gluten and dairy for sure, but what do you recommend for her as far as the next step in testing, diet, detoxing, and overall lifestyle changes?

    I just ordered a 21 day detox from your store I'm going to start her on a 7 day detox whenever that comes in, and hopefully have her doing a 21 day detox in January.

    What do you think Doc? Thanks for everything you do. I listen to you daily, and I pass your podcast on to anyone and everyone because theres isn't a person it wouldn't help. If you ever want to take someone under your wing and create the next you, you have my email. Thank you sincerely for the knowledge you pass along. I heard you mention to go backwards to see what has worked in the past.

    For my acne, growing up I was put on antibiotic "zpacks" 1x a month some years. I was also on 2 separate rounds of Accutane. Both of these "treatments' works while taking them. After I was off the antibiotic or when accutane was done, acne came back. My question is the antibiotic and accutane did different things, so how do i know what is really causing my acne today.

    I am healthy and do detoxes a lot. Hi Dr Cabral, Food Sensitivity Question Thank you for teaching us to take control of our health, research, test and make change. I am working on it but would appreciate some insight from you. I did a food sensitivity test and came back high for the below foods. Someone suggested to me these are histamine based, but I am low for all other histamine based foods. Avoiding yeast is tricky as it is in so many things.

    I am plant based and gluten free but to now have to exclude yeast, corn and peas is tricky! Pea protein is in all protein powders! And this was always a staple in my morning routine.

    My primary symptom is chronic pain. Would you recommend I avoid all these foods for 3mths? Have a great day! I live in New Delhi, India. As of November, , we're living in completely hazardous environment with air quality completely deteriorated now! What can I do to make sure that me and my family are healthy and our bodies completely detoxify those harmful air chemicals!

    Hi, I have had some stomach issues in the past.. I get severe lower abdominal pains but not always. I am interested in overall wellness and I wanted to see where you typically tell your clients to start? Does it make sense to get the organic acid test? I also want to do the food allergy testing as I feel it may be wheat.

    I am not sure where to start. Also, i live in NY would it make sense to do everything via phone etc.? Cabral, I'm a female with low estrogen and high testosterone levels. I was wondering if you had recommendations on foods or supplements to balance out my estrogen. I'm looking forward to today's FridayReview and can't wait to bring you 2 popular request items and some brand new research into cancer The first item is based on an ancient Chinese Medicine formula and has literally been dubbed a "miracle rub" when it comes to reliving pain within minutes The 2nd topic I'm going to bring you is on a single lifestyle change you can make in order to not become 1 of the 1,, new cancer cases in And finally, I want to share an excellent book on Functional Medicine that will allow those looking to take their education to the next level Although I'm a huge advocate of exercise and the benefits it provides the body both short and long-term , there is a part that's often missing from many people's routine And that part is stretching - Namely completing certain flexibility movements after your workout in order to calm the nervous system and begin the healing and recovery process Tune into today's CabralConcept to discover the 5 stretches to do after every workout - Enjoy the show!

    However, we all have a unique upper limit as to how many we can consume based on a variety of factors such as body type, metabolic rate, activity level, etc Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out if you are eating too many carbs and the 3 warning signs that will let you know - Enjoy the show! Until recently it was assumed that everyone aged according to their genetic code and that outside factors didn't play any role However, today's medical science has proven that their are a handful lifestyle factors that can slow or reverse the aging process One of the ways we're able to study these anti-aging factors is by the effect they have on telomere length, which are biological markers that tell us how fast we are "breaking down Tune into today's CabralConcept for the 5 proven ways to slow and turn back the aging process - Enjoy the show!

    It's hard to imagine taking life advice from a lobster, but today's analogy may just hold the answer you are looking for In today's "pill for every ill" mindset we often lose sight of the fact that we don't always need to mask our symptoms Sometimes what we really need is a reframing of our mindset while being sensitive and respectful to the fact that some people really are going through trying times Tune into today's CabralConcept on why lobsters shedding their shell may just hold the answer you're looking for when it comes to taking your life to that next level - Enjoy the show!

    Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend! Cabral, Could you please explain jawbone cavitations, how we know if we have it and if it really causes inflammation that can have a negative impact on our health. I had wisdom teeth extractions about 14 years ago and my naturopathic dentist recommends addressing my possible cavitations in my jaw. I have had some minor gut issues and what I feel to be moderately severe acne that I have been unsuccessful in correcting.

    Could this be the answer? I am also having my amalgams removed by a dentist using Dr. Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Dr Cabral, I have listened to your podcast religiously since approx episode - you are my one and only consistent and trusted health guru! Thank you so much for all the help and good you do in your community - you are truly making a difference.

    This is my first time writing in, as i always think that other people's problems are more important than my own in general and on here - which may say a lot! I started my own awareness of my health journey 2.

    I imagine you are laughing at this ridiculous message by now Thanks for much for your help in advance - youre amazing!

    Cabral, Hope you're having a nice day. Thanks in advance for your time and words of wisdom! I'm trying to figure out the underlying cause for a malfunctioning ileocecal valve valve gets stuck open. I have tried dietary changes, meditation, chiropractic care, massage, cold packs, castor oil packs and all help temporarily but inevitably the valve flairs open and leaves me feeling pretty awful.

    Could candida or bacterial overgrowth be causing this? I completed your parasite plan and am now a week into your CBO protocol. Do you have any suggestions for supporting the valve? Thanks, you Rock Jan. I am 35 years old, 6 foot, and lbs.

    I have alway been relatively skinny despite what I eat. One thing I have always struggled with is oily skin and acne. I take your daily protocol, increased my fiber and water intake, and follow a Mediterranean diet mostly with a lot of veggies. I still have cheat meals a few times per week. I enjoy beers or a couple glasses of red wine times a week. I find that I have a lot of gas flatuence. I am a health coach.

    One of my clients has scoliosis. The lower part of her spine is shaped like a C. Around her tailbone the area is inflamed and tender and she said that it is almost always like that and causes her pain sometimes. Looking at her back her hips are titled, making her left side a little higher and causing an indent in her left side about belly button level. This is something that makes her self-conscious. Is there anything she can do to help with the appearance of the indent.

    I just wanted to submit feedback. I listened to your tongue diagnosis and nail diagnosis, they were very informative! Please continue to post more on those types of topics! Additionally, I am new to naturopathic medicine and would like to know how I can learn more and make it a part of my life as well as to share it with others..

    Are there seminars i can attend? Or a list of naturopathic doctors I that are out there? Or books that should be read? Cabral, As always, I am so appreciative of the work you do and I truly admire your dedication to helping others! My question is in regards to natural constipation relief. I sought out natural treatment with a naturopath and started herbal treatments, however, due to financial restrictions, I have had to temporarily stop treatment with my naturopath for the time being.

    I started following the low fodmap diet back in June, and I intend to keep this up as it does seem to bring some relief, however, even with this diet in place, I constantly struggle with severe constipation this was the case even during treatment.

    I usually have a BM every days, however, if I ever even slightly fall off the rails of the fodmap diet, my body is so easily thrown off and I can go a week without a BM.

    This is incredibly frustrating as even when I 'cheat' on my diet, I still always eat only all natural foods. I am strictly off gluten and dairy, as well. When I am experiencing this level of constipation, I have tried numerous efforts such as aloe Vera, diuretic teas, yoga, essential oils, lots of hot water, exercise, magnesium citrate, etc.

    Do you have any other tips for how to overcome constipation? Keep up the incredible work. Cabral for your helpful insight and information for body, mind, and spirit. I've ordered the telemere test and am awaiting my results and I enjoyed a 30 minute consult with you for help on my migraines. My daughter is 8 weeks pregnant and I'm wondering if you would suggest any testing at this point and what she can do to maximize health for her baby.

    She is 30 years old. But looking forward to your best recommendations. I am writing in to ask about coffee enemas. I do them about 2x a week and recently have been feeling extremely burpy and bloated and gassy afterwards? You would think since I am removing a lot from my system I'd feel lighter and better I used to now I just feel worse after in terms of upper GI issues. Hi, my daughter suffers from eczema and acne.

    A friend told me her daughter used the Candida and Bacterial Complete Protocol and cleared up her eczema. My question is, will it also clear up my daughters acne? Thank you for your quick response. I've read that manuka honey is a better anitbiotic than perscription drugs. I am battling candida, sibo, intestinal worms, hpylori, you name it. Can I take a teaspoon of this every morning?

    I have so far and been feeling great, but not sure if it is helping or hurting me. I know it has sugar, but since it has so many benefits, the sugar in it isn't the same as your evil white sugar. Thanks in advance for your help! Cabral, For the last 6 years I've been getting acupuncture and it has helped tremendously.

    Mostly to help regulate my cycle, back pain, and my digestive issues that come up periodically. I asked my acupuncturist during my last visit about doing a juice fast for one day.

    She said because fall and winter is yin, it wouldn't be a good idea and also it can mess with my hormones. Dosha wise I'm always a combo of vata-pitta. I'm overall plant-based, vegetarian, no dairy, very rarely I eat soy, and the only gluten I eat occasionally is sour dough I get from a local baker with no preservatives.

    Thank you for your time. By now you've probably noticed that you can have 2 people that are the same height, but have very different body shapes and sizes These same two people can literally eat the same amount of calories per day, yet one person gains weight and the other loses weight How can this be? The discrepancy comes from our unique body types, which allow for many varying attributes - one of which is our metabolism Tune into today's CabralConcept to discover how many calories you need to eat everyday and how many you burn - Enjoy the show!

    Today I want to share with you 5 foods that when eaten immediately begin to slow your metabolism and deteriorate your health The reason they do this is because they can throw off your hormones such as insulin, cortisol, and estrogen And when your fat burning and fat storing mechanisms get out of whack you end up gaining weight due to the slowing of your metabolic rate Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out the foods that wreck your metabolism - Enjoy the show!

    Although the phrase, "beauty is created from the inside out" is often uttered softly in the skincare world, not enough real merit is given to that fact The food we put in our body literally decides the expression of our genes, wellness, weight, aging, and even the quality of our skin and hair So when we choose to put high-nutrient quality, skin-nourishing whole foods in our body we are in turn materializing beautiful glowing skin Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out the 8 best foods for radiant skin - Enjoy the show!

    I used to believe that I could pull myself out of a depressed state or "funk" by trying to be more Zen or let things just roll off me as if they didn't matter After all this is what a lot of the current dogma and books preach, but the problem was that this advice simply didn't pan out in the real world The reason you can't go from feeling apathetic and overwhelmed to Zen is that there are a few other levels in between that you need to ascend up the ladder on in order to reach a higher state of enlightenment or happiness That being said, I need your help!

    I am having the hardest time losing weight! I have a functional medicine doctor that has run many blood labs along with a Nureval test and long story short, the highlights of all my labs were I can't understand how I can have a healthy thyroid, eat a healthy diet high in vegetables and yet I am still not able to lose weight.

    How do you naturally boost progesterone and balance out hormones? Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with people like me on a daily basis!! Cabral, I am so grateful to have found your podcast. I am a 34 year old woman battling acne since my teenage years with the exception of when I took Yaz birth control for about 2 years.

    I later tried a generic brand to help with acne but it never worked. It has been at least 5 years since I was last on birth control. My acne continues to get worse mostly on my chin and cheeks. I have been on a vegan, plant based diet for almost a year. Several of my digestive issues improved once I gave up animal products such as I can now process beans and most cruciferous foods that for years I just thought I was allergic to.

    However, my acne continues to get worse. However, I am constantly craving sweets especially before my cycle and I often binge on sugar on the weekends. Also, my eyelashes fall out causing bald spots so I started using a lash enhancer to keep the balding at bay although I can clearly see the new growth that is replacing the hairs that fell out.

    I am also concerned that I have lost my half moons on all my nails except my thumbs which are starting to go away too. Do you have any suggestions on what may be causing my acne, binging, hair loss and nail issues? Is there a vegan solution for me? I look forward to you reply. I am a 52 yr old female. I KNOW I do not tolerate crucerious veggies in large amounts, sulfur anything gives me a migraine that can last weeks - no exaggeration.

    I feel like I am running on half my pistons. I am taking a ton of pharmaceutical targeted supplements after doing the AIP diet for a year and half. I eat a modified Paleo diet, avoid most nightshades most of the time. Gluten and dairy free for 7 years.

    Meditate daily for years and walk, do yoga stretches. I am happily married and have a lot of great support. Stress in managed well. So other than what labs might you suggest I would also like to know if Dr. Cabral would think outside the box with me. I absolutely cannot take Molybdenum and refuse to suffer any more migraines when I know I have tried that, several times in the past, even a tiny doses with dire consequences.

    I think this is what makes me a more difficult case but I would love to work with him if he thinks he could truly help me.

    Do you think he could? I am a changed woman in many ways due to his podcast and Motivation Mondays! Thank you for all that you do for all of us. Cabral, I enjoy your podcasts. After consulting ear specialist, doctor for my 2 year old recommends adenoids removal.

    He has fluid on one ear and the other ear drum is inverted. Don't like the idea of my boy being cut open and body parts removed. Is there an alternative? Hello, I have been prescribed and have been taking Alprazolam for several years for anxiety, insomnia, and to counteract the side affects of Vyvance. This past year I have started experiencing several terrible side affects and when I questioned my doctor she told me long term use is fine. I do not feel well and as I age my symptoms get worse and I want off of this medication!!

    As my doctor does not want me to go off of the Alprazolam I decided I would take myself off of it but I would like to ask for your recommendation on how best to taper off. Two years ago, I had a Bartholin cyst surgically removed. Is the cause diet based or is there something else going on inside me that is causing them to develop? I have learned more from you than I have in all four years of my undergrad. I am currently a first-year naturopathic medical students and hope to follow in your footsteps as a naturopathic and functional medicine practitioner.

    My question for you is dealing with a chronic eczema-like skin condition that has been going on for about two months. I developed this towards the end of a one month long vacation in Europe during the month of August. I am a very health-conscious individual and follow a predominately vegan lifestyle that includes some cold water oily fish and pastured eggs and avoid dairy, wheat, and refined sugar. I have been following your Dr Cabral daily morning protocol since February and do a combo of hot yoga, weight lifting, and swimming x per week.

    I have done your organic acids test and hair tissue mineral analysis test in the last six months as well as an IGA and IgG food sensitivity test. I have known sensitivities to tuna, wheat but not gluten , cane sugar, and cows milk and my other two tests came back normal.

    I ate all the wheat, dairy, sugar, and meat I wanted and ate relatively little plant-based foods. I did not exercise during this time as well. The one thing I did bring with me was your nutritional support powder which I consumed everyday. During the last week of my trip, I came down with what I would consider a really bad cold.

    Very sore throat, swollen tonsils and lymph nodes, chronic red eyes that looked like conjunctivitis that would switch from eye to eye, a stuffy nose, body aches, and clogged ears.

    During the course of this I try to drink as much fluids as possible, get sleep, and I decided to go back to a more anti-inflammatory diet. After returning to California, I quickly started on your immune support protocol and within a couple days started feeling much better. I also started getting back into my normal eating habits which seemed to help as well. Within two days of returning from Europe I moved up to Washington to start medical school.

    When school started we hit the ground running and I was under a lot of stress trying to get everything together, school, being sick, etc.

    Since then, I have developed small red, sometimes inflamed, dry patches of skin in between my fingers, in the webbing of my fingers, palms, on my wrists, on parts of my abdomen, upper chest, the inner quad and growin area, as well as in the upper buttocks region. When not inflamed, it almost looks like caluses you get from gripping weights. They ruled out the possibility of scabies from physical examination. I just started your natural sleep protocol and it seems to be helping some.

    I also just did a condensed 5 day version of your detox without the supplements and just the powder. Before the natural sleep protocol, I was using CBD oil which was also helping a little bit. Sorry for the long message. I just wanted to be as thourough as possible. I appreciate your guidance!

    Hello, I am a new listener and now follower of your podcast. I am so interested that I am ordering some of the books you have suggested in Ayurvedic Medicine.

    My question is regarding my children. I have looked into previous podcasts and have not been able to find definitive information on this subject. My children are 6 and 3. Their past Pediatrician mentioned both the children were major ear wax producers. So much so that the medical staff is not able to view the eardrums during a basic physical exam. Can it be a problem? Is this a Nutritional issue?

    It was suggested that I use a hydrogen peroxide and water solution or Debrox ear drops to clear the wax. Do you have any advice or suggestions? Thanks for your perspective! Cabral, I have concerns over my 11 year old grandson. He is and has been a very bright child, testing show high intelligence. However, in the last four years he has gone through much emotional turmoil with family issues, loss of a cousin, and two additional siblings, he is now the oldest of five. Current issue is he is now in middle school at 11, he does not turn in assignments yet does well on tests.

    He goes to bed late and does not get enough sleep and is always tired. What in your sleep protocol would be appropriate for him? Loss of sleep and emotional issues is setting him up for failure in my opinion. I feel like I need a detox, but know I can't really do that while nursing. My questions were some that were missed through the unfortunate reset to the website!!!

    Glad you got everything resolved. I have been on birth control for 10 years and would like to come off of it a little more graceful than I have tried in the past that left me discouraged and going back on it. I have had terrible cystic acne for the past few years and with the help of your podcast have made some life changes.

    I no longer eat dairy at all, it causes too many sinus issues for me and skin issues as well. I recently cut out added sugar and I can't believe what that has done for my skin. I currently take the DIM product per the hormone test I had done with you guys previously.

    I also take the daily multivitamin. My anxiety comes and goes but when it comes, it is so terrible. Last time I got off birth control, my skin became extremely oily, my anxiety got a little better, my back broke out which it never has prior and it was huge cystic pimples. My results were as followed for your testing: I would like to come off birth control without as many issues as I had.

    I slept through the night when I came off of it and felt like my bladder wasn't as overactive. The physical side affects the acne, the back acne really had me torn and I jumped right back on it. I was wondering naturally with supplementation what I could do to make this maybe an easier transition. Currently, I go through moods where for sometimes what seems like weeks, I am sad and down for a reason I don't know. You have no idea how much my life has changed because of this podcast in the past year.

    Recently, I have noticed my right thumb killing me. It is hard to open almost anything. I crack my knuckles and fingers and I can't even get it to crack anymore.

    Pushing down on it even hurts. I did not do anything to cause this, but it is so hard because I have an office job and am constantly using my hands. I recently cut out added sugar of my diet and am dairy and gluten free. Anything would really help. Thank you for all of the great work that you do! I've started to focus more on weight-training this coming winter, but I'm at a bit of a loss where to get started.

    My body type is what some in the industry call "skinny fat" - I have a relatively thin frame probably ectomorph or combination , very thin legs and arms, a moderate metabolism, and so on. Overall, I have a low body fat percentage, but unfortunately I don't have that natural abdominal tone that many ectomorphs benefit from.

    I generally eat pretty cleanly, so I'm at a loss what I might be doing wrong. I want a mostly "lean" and toned result, so I'm worried that excessive bulking might be counterintuitive. I've researched online a bit, but encountered very mixed suggestions. Should I minimize cardio? Any words of advice are appreciated!

    I am allergic to fish so i have to be careful to make sure nothing has fish oil in it etc. I currently got some blood work done and I am low in alot.. My doctor said nothing to worry about but, I know based off ideal s these are low. Currently I started taking vitamin d3 , your activated bcomplex, your multivitamin and your daily protein shake. Is there anything else I can be doing? If I want to have a baby in the next 2 years, I know it is impt to get folic acid at a good level too. Any recommendations will be appreciated!

    By now, we all know that most of the beverages we consume should come from pure clean water, but sometimes that can get a little monotonous and boring When that happens it's important to understand that there are equally hydrating and healthy options By understanding what else is available and when it's best to drink those, you'll be able to stay on track with your health and body transformation goals while satisfying your taste buds Tune into today's CabralConcept for what to drink when you get tired of water - Enjoy the show!

    When it comes to pre and post workout nutrition there is definitely not a one-size fits all approach Things like waiting 1 hour to eat, or eating immediately after a workout to "seize the window" are contradicting statements that are often touted as absolutes, but nothing could be further from the truth The science lies in a customized approach to fit one's individual goals of whether you're looking to mainly lose weight fat or gain weight muscle Tune into today's CabralConcept for all the details on how to optimize your pre and post workout nutrition in order to reach your goals and maximize your results - Enjoy the show!

    I was asked to explain why I don't believe in "disease" as we currently know it and to share my philosophy on how to get well, lose weight, and feel alive again! It was a lot of fun and we got to go deep on some topics I haven't explored in this fashion on my podcast, which is why I'm looking forward to sharing this particular interview with you Nutrition is one of those topics that can get so specific and tedious that it often holds people back from doing what really matters the most Essentially, you can make tracking calories, macros, micros, meal timing, etc.

    I understand that my private clients our community members have no interest in making nutrition more complicated than it has to be, but they still want the benefits of looking and feeling great that come along with eating properly That's why on today's CabralConcept I'm going to detail my top 10 rules on eating well, so that you can make your meal planning a part of your life, but not your whole life - Enjoy the show!

    Not only does this crush our psyche, but it leaves us living in mediocrity while we never really go for our dreams and at the same time living in regret Cabral, I am in the middle of doing the 21 day detox. After the first week of the detox, my menstrual period came and it was a week earlier than I was expecting it! My periods are usually pretty predictable - every days. Can you explain why this happened during the detox? What is your opinion on ingesting food grade Diatomaceous Earth for health benefits, such as improved hair skin and nails due to the high silica content, removal of parasites etc.

    At first it only happened every few days, then it was constant. He put us on a plant based, gluten free and dairy free diet. We have seen some improvement, but very slow.

    Wondering if this is something you have ever heard of and what advise you would have? Confused about apple cider vinegar. Some say it is very beneficial to take before meals with water others warn it is not good to take on a regular basis. What is your thought on this issue. Thanks for your sincere dedication to help as many as possible to better health. My name is Courtnie and I have recently started listening to your podcast! I love the housecalls and have been considering sending in my questions there but you always remind us how much longer it will take to hear a response thank you for that.

    I am on a birth control pill which also helps with my acne that I have struggled with in the past but has recently started to clear up a lot , I had switched to an IUD, which I have recently taken out due to difficulties, and I am back on the pill. I lost weight with the IUD very quickly after insertion and then put it all back on almost immediately after switching back to the pill.

    I have recently switched to the lowest dose of estrogen pill that they offer in hopes that the estrogen is my issue. I have considered stopping the pill all together but I am afraid it will make my acne flare up. In addition, I eat fairly healthy and I workout days a week. If you have any suggestions to offer, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for all that you do! I first discovered Dr. Cabral via a podcast search and am a subscriber to the Cabral Concept.

    I am writing to share information about myself and determine which of Dr. I use a CPAP machine to manage sleep apnea. I have osteoarthritis in both knees right knee worse. Ice cream is my kryptonite.

    Treatibles Turkey 1 mg CBD Grain-Free Chews – Sm/Md Dogs

    Treatibles Turkey 1 mg CBD Grain-Free Chews – Sm/Md Dogs FLAVOR Wisely Extra High Potency Hemp CBD Oil – 30 ml/ mg CBD (4x strength). September , .. Dr. High is appointed to the Departments of Dermatology .. “Immediate Skin Responses to Laser and Light Treatments: Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil is high in . Cannabis potency, like plant derived digitalis, was inhibitory concentration in the range –2 mg/mL. By Josiah Hesse 92 Concentrated Cannabis Learn about the history of of concentrated hash and oil 38 Cannabusiness 40 THMQ Trans-High Market .. OF FAME We've added ten additional marijuana strain producers to our .. with 5 mil- ligrams each of THC and CBD; Original Mints, with 5 mg THC;.

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    Treatibles Turkey 1 mg CBD Grain-Free Chews – Sm/Md Dogs FLAVOR Wisely Extra High Potency Hemp CBD Oil – 30 ml/ mg CBD (4x strength).

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