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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Why should I buy CBD capsules?

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  • RockShox's Electronic Wireless Dropper Post - Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup
  • A Closer Look at Rapport from Trusteer
  • Everyday Advanced whole-plant, hemp extract oil is best used to counter major bodily stresses. will be trying another brand until theyfix the dropper. So I have had my KS Lev dropper for six month now and I love it but when I on spending money every time I send it in, hope they fix it right this time. post you can use, yet another week has gone by, no ETA, waiting on a . I have had to keep trying and pressing and releasing the lever until it would go. It was smooth before but suddenly I feel some scratching or some rough I have tried the post with grease, without grease dont seem to make any if it wasnt for the layback I would ditch it and put a brand x in But am fine if they fix it correctly and the grating feeling goes away. Other Manufacturers.

    trying dropper the until theyfix be will another brand

    I kept it in the tupperware rice for 3 days and yesterday I tried to take it out and put it to charge, it was blank. And now I am lost, I have no idea what to do. At least if the device can still turn on the chances is higher. I have used it for only two months, such a bummer. Sending it to Apple or other technician to repair is very costly, I can get myself another brand new phone for that. Right now I am still leaving my phone in the tupperware rice box even though it seems pointless. I just want to say thank you to you and all of the other contributors here.

    My iPhone 5 fell out of my pocket into the toilet. After the immediate expletives and the retrieval which took less than a second, I dried my phone off best I could. Upset and panicked, I found this site.

    I then painfully left my phone in a baggie of rice for 2 days. Needless to say, I went absolutely insane without my phone. This morning, I decided it was do or die time. I went to the baggie, removed the phone, dusted off the rice dust and blew out the holes and ports with air, and then turned it on. I now have a phone, and so far have not found a function that does not work. Whether or not it will last remains to be seen, but hopefully it will until my upgrade is available in November, 9 months away.

    To all of the naysayers about the rice, it was better than doing nothing. Even if it does not last forever, maybe it will last until the upgrade is available. Until then, my next immediate act was to purchase a waterproof case. So appreciate all the advice and positive comments! My i4S made a swan dive from my back pocket to the disgusting depths of a toilet bowl. Or in this case, floating! I reached in without thought and retrieved my phone. I had heard about the rice-bag trick before, so immediately completed that.

    Love this site and everyones helpful comments! Now caseless, q-tipped, blown dry, and wrapped in rice and silica packets and in plastic — my phone patiently waits. Myself however, am mildly freaking out, but hoping for the best…: How long did it take for your phone to work after the rice trick? Kinda freaking out now. I dropped my phone in the pool and took it out, dried it and stuck it in a tub of rice and it has been 12 hours.

    The iPhone was on when I dropped it but when I took it out of the water it was shut off already. Is that bad that it shut off after hitting the water? I dropped my iPhone 4S in my toilet for about seconds before I realized what happened and pulled it out. Do I need to wait longer or should I take it to a phone repair shop? My phone fell out of my pocket at work a couple hours ago and into the dish water. It was probably in there completely submerged for a good seconds before I fished it out.

    I immediately put it in a bag of rice, even though it seemed fine. You need to turn off the iPhone if it has made contact with water. Took 15 mins at least till I managed to find phone. It was in a cheapish case and was still on. Wiped it down with tshirt. I was on phone at the time it went in to the dankest smelliest pond imaginable.

    Help very gratefully received. Will oats or cream of wheat or coffee work or do I need to go to the store to buy some rice? I thought it was okay before the screen began to go funny and it turned out really dim when I got outside to let my sister know what happened. Lets just say I completely freaked out as I was at school and my twin and a pal ran off to grab me some rice from the schools food tech room and came back a few minutes later.

    But I have a question: Dropped my phone in the toilet. Instinctively pulled it out right away and proceeded to dry it off. I noticed that the screen was still lit and the phone had not been shutdown. I placed it by a fan for about 15 minutes. I then remembered the old rice in a bag trick. I found some rice and placed the phone in it. It took me about 20 minutes after the incident to turn the device off and place the place it in rice.

    I found some silica bags from old shoe boxes and also included them in the mix. Left the phone in the bag for about 8 hours and checked it. I left it in the bag for another 24 hours and now it picks up a signal. Seems to be working fine. Thanks for the tips! When my mom dropped it in a bucket filled with water, I removed the sim card and then i vacuumed it. I vacuumed all the holes that would let water in or out for a minute or so.

    I dropped my iphone into the blue water while getting my pedicure. It was completely submerged for a few seconds at least. I blew the water out of the charger plug and I immediately shut it off and the guy at the nail salon dried it with a towel really good and placed it under their nail dryer.

    I went home and put in a bag of rice for a little over 24 hours and it is working perfectly. Not one glitch or issue whatsoever! It seems as good as new….. I wish I would of saw this last night. My phone was left on all night still in rice though.

    I just shut it off and put it back in the rice. So fingers crossed that this works because if not I lost a lot of very important stuff. I gave my phone to my boyfriend to hold for a minute because I needed to find something, and he had no hands. I put it in his pocket, forgetting that he was wearing a bathing-suit. We both forgot about my phone and jumped into the pool. About minutes later, we got out and he realized it was still in his pocket, so we ran back to his house to put it in rice.

    It has been in rice since. What do you guys think the chances are of it working because if I lose all my pictures and videos from it, I will be devastated. When he took it out of his pocket, I tried to turn it on, but it would not come on, and it turned off by itself. Is it supposed to do that? Thank you so much for this article! As soon as I noticed it, I immediately removed the Otter Box cover which was totally soaked but my iPhone only had liquid on the top of it and a few drops on the screen.

    It was charging at the time it happened with a car charger and was off because the battery had died. It has been in the ziplock bag of rice since then but I did dry it off on the ride home plus lay it on the dashboard in the sun to help dry it out.

    I was so upset and actually cried and cried but last night I found this post and feel like I have some hope! Patience, however, is not one of my virtues. I handle all of the financial affairs on my phone, all information is on it I plan my budget each month in the Notes app which is such a help! Thanks so very much for this article and for everyone that has posted successful comments about their iPhone working great after this remedy!!

    Does anyone know if it damaged my iPhone further by being plugged into a car charger when it was dropped into my drink? Thanks again to each of you for giving me hope! Praying and Patiently waiting to see if my iPhone survived! Have a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!! Over 48 hours in Ziplock bag of rice and my iPhone will not turn on or do anything. Thanks again for this article Paul and to all of you for the encouraging comments and stories!!

    God Bless You All! A big appreciation for that man! I have an iPhone 4 and on Saturday during a hike I dropped it into the river. It must have been in feet deep water for almost a minute before I could fish it out. It was working when I took it out of water.

    I then switched it off. I shook it well for sometime to get the water out and I left it to dry in the sun. When I went to check it out after 20 minutes I saw that the phone was actually ON maybe happened while I was shaking it and then I slowly tried one feature by one — msg, camera, email, internet, screen and all looked fine. Once I got back to the hotel after 2 hrs I took the hair dryer and used it for 5 minutes on it through the holes. It was again working fine when i turned it ON.

    The same when I need to listen to music. However by night that also got solved and it was all working fine.

    The water contact sensor is not red as far as I can see. I checked the headphone and docking connector areas.

    After reading through all the comments I feel I am either damn lucky or it is blessing by God. Anyway my doubts now are. When I talked to a mobile repairer he says water damage will kick in anyway and may happen 2 weeks or 1 month later due to corrosion. Do you think this is right? Last option is to just leave it as it is and take a chance as presently it is working all fine. My daughter dropped her phone in salt system pool. She may have attempted to turn it on after she took it out, I have no idea.

    What can I do? Great article by the way! I dropped my phone in the toilet and retrieved it a split second later. I fell out of a boat and my iPhone 5c was in my pocket for a few minutes. So put it in rice for 2 days so now it turns on and app and screen works good. But ya just wanted to know what I can do to make my network work and my camera and flashlight. Either that that it works fine.

    Message me if anyone has any ideas. I dropped my phone In water and I put It In rice for awhile and then Let it sit out of rice to dry and I let It dry over night I plugged It in and It worked but then the screen goes black what Is wrong with it? Should I leave It to dry more or is it messed up. I washed my phone with a load of sheets. I took it out, dried it off and found this site for advice.

    Having no apple store for hundreds of miles I decided to try the rice. The phone still rang and received alerts but the screen was super messed up. By the next day, around 28 hours later it was starting to clear up. A few hours later I could text and access apps. You can still see water marks in the screen so I have it powered off and in the bag if rice hoping to clear it the rest of the way.

    Thanks for all your advice! I had some doubts it would work at first. I had a flowing bloody nose and jumped in the shower in all of my clothing, completely forgetting my iPhone was inside of my pocket. I took a 20 minute shower until it stopped bleeding, put my wet clothes in my bedroom, and only two hours later did I look for my iPhone. After 10 minutes of looking online, I quickly found some rice, unfortunately enriched, and dropped it in a large plastic bag surrounding it in the powdery rice.

    Twenty four hours later, I was eager and turned it on, and it lit up with the low battery sign. However, I put it back in to make sure. At this point I was wondering what I was going to do, as I had just gotten it three weeks prior. I thought it was over, so I just took it out and left it alone for two days. Finding one last shred of hope, I threw it in the bag of rice while on a road trip, and took it out when I arrived at my destination two days later. I recommend leaving it in for two days based on my experience to make sure it is safe to run electricity through.

    Good luck to all of those out there! Thanks to everyone for the advise. First info I got was to dry with hair dryer, I did that for about 10 minutes.

    Then I found this site. I have it in rice now. Just hoping I did not ruin it by using the hair dryer. On a fixed income and cannot afford another phone. This site has given me hope. Not sure if it is off though. The screen is black. Out of back pocket, into the toilet, only a couple of seconds. Guess I will just have to wait and see what happens, waiting is going to be the hard part. Thanks for all the info. Dropped phone in water for seconds.

    Still worked but I threw it in rice powered on. Next day screen was flickering but phone still on and working. Took it to a repair shop and for. No stress and no waiting. Yesterday I went to the beach and left my iPhone 4s behind a rock where no one would find it so that it wouldnt be stolen. Does anyone have any suggestions? TY — TY I really appreciate the info Left my phone in the rice bag for about 40 hours, working great!

    I have seen the naysayers comments and hope it stays working Not going to let that worry me though I can now make sure every thing is backed up, stupid me had not done that for a while My advise to everyone — Back up your phone!

    Good luck to all. The likelihood of water getting past that shield is very slim. Unless u are an iPhone repair technician, u will ruin your phone. I will give you my guarantee on that one!

    Cuz if your phone gets wet you are completely screwed!!! I couldnt turn it off and its in the rice bag since last night. Should i try turning it off now? Or should i just leave it in the bag til tomorrow? Sister found my iphone5 in the toilet AFTER using it toilet, not the phone and insisted she did not have my phone on her person when she went into the bathroom.

    Phone rang and alerted while in the bag, but ignored it and left it alone overnight. Then found this blog the next morning and got worried about not turning off the phone, so turned off the phone and reinserted for the rest of the 48 hours. Phone works great for a day now, fully charged, no function loss at all. And if my phone quits I will post again on how long it lasted, but may have to wait forever! Working great now, in fact using it to post this message! Dropped my iphone 5s yesterday in the bath while bathing our little boy.

    Picked it up immediately and removed the silicone case and hard plastic cover over the phone. I dried it out with a paper towel to remove excess water and then may sound weird I sucked out the water from the headphone port, charger port, and ear output. I then put a hair drier on it to remove the excess with the heat…but not for too long as the drier will get your phone pretty hot. Everything worked except the ear output.

    I was getting no sound while making or receiving calls but the other phone could hear me just fine. I went to Verizon and they tried to sell me insurance and the deductible to replace the phone was I place the phone on the off position and placed it in a small ziplock bag of uncooked rice. I also placed a silica pack over the ear piece and packed rice all around the phone.

    I said a small prayer and went to bed. Woke up, went to the gym came back, ate breakfast with my family, watched a few foreign music videos with my kids and then checked on my phone.

    I powered it up and it beeped at me….. Not sure exactly what part of the process did the most help but the point here is that my phone is back to normal. Thank you all for your posts. So I dropped my phone and I did the total opposite.

    I turned it on and had the apple logo on my screen for about 2 hours then i decided to charge….. I dropped mine into a pond infested with moss, plants lilypads and dirty water, and of course fish, but i had the case on. My apple fell in to the sea im turned it off until tow day but when i bring to the mechanic they said its not working any more.

    I dropped my iphone 4 in the bowl having hot soup. I immediately took it out. At the time the upper speaker was not working. But after one day it started working but i recognised in that day that the camera was not working. Everything is as same as Leonardo. What should I do now? So i dropped my iphone 4 in a jacuzzi 5 days ago.

    After leaving it overnight, i turned it on the next morning, and everything was working fine except the volume. Any advice on what i should do?

    I accidentally dropped my iPhone 4 into a big cup of water at a concert on Aug 1, due to people bumping into me. I retrieved my phone immediately from the cup and started drying the surface with my shirt.

    I also removed the case I had it in. If I recall correctly, the phone turned off automatically from being submerged in water. I remember being overly anxious about the phone ever turning back on again and I persisted in my attempts to turn on the phone throughout the concert. I probably should not have done that but seeing as the phone went dead immediately, it might not have made much difference. Then, I just left it in my pocket throughout the concert in which I was jumping and moving quite a lot to the music.

    I let my phone air dry overnight. I was encouraged by someone to try turning the phone on and it did not work. I put the phone in a bag of rice as in the article. After scrolling through suggestions, I put the bag in the fridge for several hours and then I removed it. I also noticed that the water damage indicator had been tripped for the headphone opening but not the charger opening. Three more days passed and I decided to try charging my phone to see if it might work.

    There was nothing immediately upon plugging into the wall charger. I let it charge for a while longer before testing it. The home button stuck a bit but that had been normal for my phone. I checked the camera, as many commenters had said that their phone cameras did not work or had moisture on the camera. My own camera was perfectly fine and I had no problems testing the front and back cameras.

    When I received a call or vice versa, the speakerphone mode worked fine. The speaker also worked fine when listening to Voice Memo.

    Hi, Thanks for the information… I am very happy to say that my phone is working again: I accidently dropped my iphone 4s in water, but after seconds i removed it from water immediately and started cleaning it with my shirt.

    When i was done it was off. I immediately dried it with vaccume cleaner by removing its back panel and battery without disconnecting then i gave to mobile repairing shope for checking. He kept my phone under high temperature for 1 day. After that i checked my phone, display was not working as normaly. Now The display is very dim i cannot see the light in display though the display is working. I can see display by using torch. Everthing else is working fine speaker, earphnone jack, silent button and volume button.

    What should i do for display help me. Dropped my Iphone 4s in the sea between some rocks trying to take pictures of baby lizards… Took about a half a minute to retrieve it, during low visibility dark is a better word. It was totally soaked but seemed to still work. Tried to make it to the house so I could perhaps save the vacation pictures I already made, but it died on me right before arriving it was a 2min walk. When charging it displays the apple logo for about 7 seconds and then turns off again.

    Anybody had the same problem? And could it just be the battery that died? I dropped my iPhone in the toilet and totally panicked. I put in in rice after that and waited 2 days. I kept putting the rice bag in warm places, like in the sun. Then i waited an other 2 days to let it dry by air.

    After almost 4 days I used warm air from a fohn to totally dry it. Then I let it cool down and it was perfectly working again. I dropped my phone in the toilet, so fully submerged.

    It got better that same day, but I some people are telling me that it will only work a couple of days. What am I looking at? Should it be permanent damage to happen in the next few days? I know, I am pretty ignorant about all this. I dropped my Iphone 4 and I am so lost with out it. It cuts on and alarm clock works and everything. It is completely black no activity at all.

    Any suggestion on this??? It was in the water for about 1 minute. I dropped my phone in the toilet and got it out and dried as soon as I realized. About 10 hours later when I got home, the phone powered itself off.

    It seemed to be fine, but I turned it off immediately and put it back in. In the morning it was on again, seemingly working fine but I did the same. Anyone ever encounter this? I am literally in tears, my last Iphone got stolen and now, just a few weeks later, my newest Iphone 5s was accidentally washed in the washer. Its sitting in rice now.

    What should I do? Do you think my Iphone will be ok? You should follow the instructions here and let the wet iPhone dry out for 72 hours contained in rice or silica gel. All you have to do is read it to learn how to give your iPhone the best chance of recovering from water damage! My iPhone slid out my pocket into a lake the other day and lay on the bottom for about 3 — 4 minutes. I thought it must have fully drowned. Had to wade in up to my thighs to retrieve it. To my amazement after 2 days it seems to be fully functional and works fine.

    Hope this is not just temporary! I did this like right after if fell in water and it works after like 36 or so hours so you should try it. OK- I dropped my iphone 5 off a dock in about 30 feet of water.

    Went home, got my scuba gear, dove down and retrieved it about 40 minutes later. I immediately stuck it in a bowl of rice and waited two days. So far, no luck turning it on. I have replaced cracked screens before, so I used my toolkit to take the phone apart. Still plenty of water inside. I disconnected and removed the face plate and the battery.

    Back in the rice. My questions is, does this thing fail in visible or invisible places? Would swapping out the battery possibly fix it? If nothing works, is it possible to connect the storage device to something and retrieve the data?

    Any ideas would be welcome!! The advice for the rice bag works! Admiration so for sharing it. So far my iPhone 5c works well and the display is fine. I have dropped my phone out of the front pocket of my work shirt 3 times now. IPhone 3 was in bucket for probably minutes. Result- the phone was toast.

    I work in a shop with compressed air and started to blow air in the places I knew water would enter. So an hour later I got home, took my shop vac and sat down for about 30 minutes, going over every portal that I could to suck out water. Was in there maybe 2 seconds and did the shop vac and q tip drill. No problems this time. The sooner the better. Hi daughter dropped phone in toilet immediately got vaccuum on port holes,to suck out water. My iPhone 5S was submerged in the toilet by my daughter and I immediately put it in a bag of rice for 3 days and bam!

    Then, she dropped it in the toilet again!! This time the phone was in the toilet for a good 5 minutes it was even playing Netflix on the AppleTv downstairs while in the toilet! What a savage phone, right?? Well, I powered it off and put it in rice for about two days and amazingly it turned on! I was in shock! Everything worked perfectly fine only a few water stains on the screen but they can only be seen if the phone is tilted at a certain angle. My iphone 4 with case dropped in the toilet on October I retrieved quickly, removed case, shook vigorously wiped with hand towel, ran to laptop and googled for remedy, found this very useful article and followed the instructions — rice in ziploc and left it.

    After 24 hours it was magic! I squealed with delight when it powered up and everything works! Its November 6, had to write a comment — its still all good. Thanks a lot for a useful and brilliant article! I dropped ma iphone4 in water and I picked it up almost immediately.

    I took it to the technician, it worked fine but the iPhone cant access cellular data and Wi-Fi anymore. Hey make sure you tape up any holes cause rice can go in to them happened to me was happy I was able to get out droped in toilet after going ewwe but was able to save it before it went all the way setnit in rice turnes off two hours not is fine. Thanks for the advice, I was careful to keep the rice out of the card slot — and the trick worked!!!!

    I left the phone in the rice bag in the airing cupboard for about 40 hours, plugged it in and it switched on. So far, working perfectly. Will it turned on by itself automatically? Mine dropped in the toilet and I immediately grabbed it and shut it down. I dried it off and put it in rice. Turned back on and everything works! It also had a broken screen already so I was really worried it would absorb more water and be gone for sure. Hey guys it really worked for me.

    My iphone 4S was dumbed in bucket of water for around 4 seconds, i was able to save it by quickly rubbing off the water content and suddenly putting it in to dry rice for about 4hrs or so… Thanks man for the info!! I dropped my iphone 5 into the toilet, panicked, and took it out in like 3 seconds.

    I used a paper towel to dry it, and it was working. It shut down after 3 hours. I came home and put it in a plastic bag full of rice. This is my story. So, two weeks and two days into having my iPhone 6, I was at the nail salon getting a pedicure and I was getting off the chair when my iPhone 6 fell OUT of my coat pocket and into the water!!!!!

    I was shocked when I turned around after I got up and saw it. The man doing my pedicure grabbed it out so it was only in the water for about 2 secs, and when it was retrived I stupidly pressed the home button. It was working though!!!! All smartphone OS have been cracked in at least the last year. The bad part of this, is that it is extending the popularity of those platforms into PC operating systems that traditionally had few enemies. Because of this you got to ask yourself — Do I really want to connect my smartphone to my Unix based system?

    Probably licensing difficulties there. Entrust is a company that provides 3rd party digital certificates. I think the point of this software is that there are ways around the usual SSL security i. Whether it does or not is the point of debate. Avoid Rapport at all costs. Everything went haywire — non-Microsoft programs as well as Windows. We could barely get to the uninstall menu. All was fine again once it was finally removed. This program was launched was too early. They may have beat several competitors to the market who had a similar idea, but they nullified their efforts by doing it with a completely inferior product.

    Uninstalling Rapport with their cleanup tool and re-installing from a clean boot fixed that problem for me. Everything has also worked smoothly for my clients on Win7 and XP so far. I think it is well known that the squeaky wheel is always most heard. I think we all know that. This can be true with good software as well as powerful revolutionary products. If you mishandle a bazooka, you might get burnt. Yet using Soluto with Rapport created a strange low booting time … is it soluto or Rapport i dunno but one thing is sure… With the high complexity of everything right now companies will have to put more time testing their software interaction with others softwares a little more….

    Hope they fix windows 7 sp1 64 bit and. Fix the basic, put it ultra stable in one package that will reinstall over current win 7 configurations whitout loosing anything while scanning for rootkit, virus, trojan etc… and offer a new version of MSE that protect everything until somebody decide what product he would like to use for protecting kernel and files….

    For sure Alex on the Win7 problems! SP1 has been one big headache for both my HP and Dell clients. Oddly enough, by Vista x So much for the vaunted Windows Update!!!! I have seen my customers experience minor issues with Win 7 sp1, but nothing like the mess left behind by Rapport.

    I am not sure if it is just a coincidence or not. I just downloaded the software when I log in my BOA account last night. This morning my email was attacked and the person sent a scheme email to all my contacts and asked for help. And also all my saved emails and contacts were deleted. Now I have empty email box. Hi Susan, This is one of several issues that end users encounter after installing Rapport.

    Several other forums reporting identical issues reaffirm the validity of the experience you encountered. Uninstalling Rapport and running a sweep with your antivirus software should be sufficient. JCitizen knows the software and is a good resource as well for assistance with hacks related to Rapport installs. I have seen — but very rarely — retribution caused by criminals, that code their malware to be aware of any security installations, and induce worm like activity such as that described by you.

    On at least one occasion, the activity looked like a frustrated criminal that was previously using RDP to remote in and cause problems for the client. I feel many of the problems attributed to Rapport are because of malware already resident on the machine, or a new Microsoft Update that broke an unsupported version of Rapport.

    I get my version of Rapport from Ebay, and it stays very well updated, and so far — issue free. I had problems with Rapport a while ago but it now runs smoothly on Firefox 4. I found the information in the article here helpful — now I know what Rapport is doing I want to keep it! Yes, right now Rapport is inoperative in Firefox 5. This on Vista x With everything in flux right now, and no HTML5 standard, I imagine the developers everywhere got their work cutout for them! I only use it with sensitive password sites where there is risk if the information is stolen.

    Use it successfully with IE and FF. So, if someone were to ask me I would recommend the product. I recently installed this software on two machines and immediately my browser IE9 started to crash. The solution they provided was to disable one of the security features of the Rapport software and my problems went away. I wonder if this software is too new? I seem to remember reading about it, perhaps even on this site, but I got to ask myself if it is a better — proven solution or not?

    I like Prevx, but it conflicts with Rapport, and I consider Rapport more important that Prevx, as I can use other AV solutions that a rated higher by many independent labs. I have to do this all the time in my personal test lab. The mix of solutions in an in-depth defense can make all the difference in the world. I run my own computer repair and maintenance company and I get asked quite frequently about Rapport. My own personal take on this software is do not install it at any price!

    My first experience with this software was that it slowed a clients PC down to a crawl. At that point, alarm bells definitely started ringing! No bank appears to state this. It constantly runs in the background without the customers knowledge. Customers assume this product only runs when they are logged in to their bank account. No bank appears to state this or give a reason why it is necessary. This software cannot easily be removed through normal means, i.

    This suggests that the software is still present. This company seem to have appeared from nowhere and most of the major banks are suddenly plugging it like it was the cure for cancer. Talk of this software being mandatory is utter nonsense and the fact that it may be able to remotely search a clients PC for viruses is a total breach of privacy and possibly a criminal act if it is done without the customers consent or knowledge! Even if they give consent, this should ring those alarm bells very loudly with any sane, rational and intelligent human being!!

    I have suspected all along that this software may be used as a big stick to beat the banks customers with. In other words, if they did not download it then the onus of responsibilty would land with the customer thus exonerating the banks from having to pay out if any fraudulent activity was found on their account.

    Security is and always will be the responsibilty of the banks. With the publics attitude towards banks at an all time low and getting lower, I see this as just another nail in their proverbial coffins. Good points of argument Jonathan; and arguments well taken. However, my clients are increasingly being pwned by malware that is unidentifiable. We reload the operating system, and the symptoms reappear within days.

    The clients are re-acquiring the malware despite being careful about where they go on the web, and removing java, and disabling flash. They refuse to use LiveCDs, despite my serious sales pitch.

    For some reason this has become common among clients with OEM computers. I am beginning to suspect some kind of factory built in malware, that lays dormant for a few days and then activates. I have had some of the best AV companies and Microsoft investigate, and they have all given up and Microsoft sends new operating system disks to the client, to circumvent the OEM recovery files.

    Rapport is the only one of its kind, and if it had a true competitor, I would try it, I assure you. You have to trust somebody, because there is really no recourse. Why would you continue on any other course, if the client resists? All of my clients like Rapport, but then we install it on a fresh factory default installation.

    You cannot expect any solution to work on a previously infected environment. Even then, we do a clean boot before installation, and we use either the banks version, or a trusted merchant trusted by client. You do not indicate whether you ever contacted Trusteer to alleviate the problems you were encountering.

    Giving up is not a solution to me, working with the Trusteer technicians is. In my experience the technicians at Trusteer are better than Level 3 support at Microsoft. My opinion is that a security minded technician has to have the attitude of a junk yard dog for his clients. And remember, I have to work inside their parameters — Trusteer is still inside that fence for I and my clients.

    You hit on several excellent points here, sir. Thank you for caring enough to take the time to not only post, but articulate those facts in clear and concise points that everyone should take an extremely close look at.

    Be suspect of a reply post from JCitizen. He defends Rapport to the death. It did rip my shorts and boxers, though! I will not be a guinea pig. Until now, they have been doing just a simple, good things in metal. I've never understood why they can't just use a Fox Talas type of system in a seatpost. Even Fox don't use it in their post. Did you read my whole comment? Meaning I can push my lever all the way and my seat will only rise as fast as the speed I have set.

    Let me know if the differences are too confusing for you. Reverb is not as reliable as people make it out to be. Less than one season on it and I've already had to bleed it, rebuild it, then after neither worked, send it back for a new one. WAKIdesigns Aug 29, at However at least two of them are "reported" to run too little pressure, not as recommended in manual where it states clearly: But honestly I find Reverb and KS stuff nicest performing, Crank Bros - no comments, Command post and giants one are, mneh mneh, decent but not as good.

    In general it is a complicated piece of equipment, more parts more chances that something will go wrong if someone want a reliable stuff stick with normal post. I owned a RS Reverb post on my Devinci Dixon for about 6 months and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it hugely changed my riding style and allowed me to attack the terrain much more aggressively.

    I always thought the best combination for a dropper post would be "Thomson post with Fox guts". I adore tommy products and over 20 years now i never had one fail or "unhinge".

    I'm super happy I have a bike that compliments a dropper post.. I will be anticipating some good reviews on Thomsons dropper post, however my standard Elite will do the trick in the mean time.

    Ploutre Aug 29, at 6: Agreed that this magnetic trick is brilliant.. Since when did neodynium magnets stick to alu? Frankly, the idea of a mag hex wrench sounds great on paper, but NFW would I stick them on my frame. I'm not even sure where I would find a piece of steel on my bike. Or is Thomson saying their clamps are now steel and not regular stainless steel which of course is not magnetic? Chamakazi Plus Aug 29, at 7: Phunsor Aug 29, at 7: The clamp isn't steel, the bolt is and the allen head is magnetized so as to stick inside the bolt head.

    Bikethrasher Aug 29, at 7: MackemMark Aug 29, at 7: Think the'yre referring to the hex bolt Oh, and stainless steel is magnetic, or at least basic stainless steel is; depending on the ferritic structure i. Im-not-very-clever Aug 29, at 7: Maybe the bolt inside the clamp is steel making it possible for a magnet to stay and still have n aluminum or carbon fiber clamp Good point about the bolt being steel.

    In the case of the former, why not just have a normal lever and in the latter, how often do you adjust your seat tilt angle on the trail anyway? Looks like a solution for a problem that does not exist. Ploutre Aug 29, at 8: I'll definitely go for the dropper post if it is actually released on next spring. Yes, I know - I ride AM and enduro.

    But what exactly does changing the tilt have to do with a dropper post? Once the dropper is installed, do you expect to stop and drop the post further? My overall point is that a magnetic hex key sounds like a perfect marketing gimmick for a problem that does not really exist. If you are going to ride with a hex key, you might as well carry one that all the hex sizes you need and not worry about a specific one falling off.

    That all said, Thompson's dropper does in fact look like a great product. Daire Aug 29, at 9: First of all I don't see what the problem is with leaving the lever in the clamp socket. It's makes perfect sense. The lever also doesn't go under the seat. The picture of the saddle with the lever under it is the lever actuated version of the dropper post, nothing to do with seat tilt angle it just makes the saddle so up and down without having a switch on the bars.

    Makes no sense at all IMO - just use a regular lever clamp if you have any use to drop the actual entire post which obviates the use of a dropper, eh?

    The seat clamp at the top of the drop is a std. I am aware the lever has no effect on tilt. I only mention seat tilt as a reason why one might want a hex key. At least on a MTB. And if you upgrade to a Ti bolt kit you are SOL with a magnetic wrench. If you have a hex key on your seat clamp, they you can use it anywhere on your bike.

    I think it is intended so that you can ues it in place of a lever on your seat clamp, and then you can use it anywhere else on your bike where you need a 4mm hex key. WAddict Aug 29, at Just look at the magnetic release this way: One thing Thompson may want to look at is fabricating the bolt with a special interface like a design or pin or something that would only allow the removable lever to interface with it, thereby further discouraging a would-be thief, even if he had a 4mm hex handy.

    I did not think of the theft argument. That is a good thought to consider. I guess for or these things are attractive to scumbags. The special pin another good thought might render the wrench unusable elsewhere, but I can think of a couple ways where that would not be the case.

    People need to stop whining about the prices of dropper posts. Want to do it in motion, use a damn hite-rite. Cable driven and head mounted actuation. Fails on 2 counts. Bikethrasher Aug 29, at 8: First a big Loop of cable rubbing on you, your frame, and tire is a really annoying.

    Second Most new frames are routing dropper posts internally. Third it gets the cable out of harms way. Last It just makes more sense and looks better. If your going to go carbon on your stems. Make Sure It's at least as Stiff as your aluminum one. In every direction I've been very disappointed by the flexy nature of some Very Expensive Carbon stems both Mountain and Road and have gone back to aluminum after a couple unnerving rides where the bike did not want to go where I wanted it to.

    I have yet to use a Carbon stem that rivals the Stiffness of your aluminum stems. I'll gladly accept the weight penalty to have control of where I'm going. Internal routing, why not but you'd limit the amount of customers actually buying it including me.

    The Reverb comes in "regular" and stealth which is fine, leaves you the choice of going internally or not. But I'll agree with the lever at the bottom.

    That's what I hate on my Reverb.

    RockShox's Electronic Wireless Dropper Post - Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup

    @hodges: good idea, that way I don't have to try and buy a remote Smile . I'll hold out until the electronic posts can lower themselves without .. and the rebuild to fix said squish costs as much as other brand-new excellent droppers. If they fix that, the typical Reverb problems and offer it with a realistic. While we didn't get to try the system on a bike, it should allow riders to easily While still likely to receive some minor changes before production begins, that the Elite Dropper's cartridge is outsourced to another company; they .. winter just cause of the mud untill they fix this the reverb still rules Smile. PLEASE NOTE: In order to improve the delivery of this supplement, the dropper style has All Vitacost® supplements are formulated to deliver the level of support you Whether you're shopping Vitacost® vitamins, minerals, herbs or other key before consumption and do not rely solely on the details shown on this page.

    A Closer Look at Rapport from Trusteer



    @hodges: good idea, that way I don't have to try and buy a remote Smile . I'll hold out until the electronic posts can lower themselves without .. and the rebuild to fix said squish costs as much as other brand-new excellent droppers. If they fix that, the typical Reverb problems and offer it with a realistic.

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