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CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

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Pure CBD Lotion

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  • about talking YouTube begins for claims oil channels CBD serio risk banning CBD of “poses oil; video
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    Give her something to make herself feel worthy of the Office. Uly, aren't you precious? You put lies together like the common Democrat of today and you think nobody is smart enough to expose you. Why do you hate Trump trying to put our workers on a fair level with their competition at our trading partners? I will do my best to see that Uly and his "Dummycrats" fail in that mission.

    I know where at least 9 immediate family votes will go and a lot more friends and relatives that will be voting to see that doesn't happen. My wife and I were brought up to be self sufficient and have raised our children and helped raise our grandchildren to be the same way.

    We do not need a nanny government. Those of us old enough to work do so. We do not need the state to tell us how to live. I was supposed to be too young to be able to remember having Whooping cough but I do. That is one affliction nearly unheard of today until a recent outbreak not covered by media because it has been CDC identified with the so called undocumented legal immigrants.

    The Obommunist opposes tighter borders, supports violent anti violent protests and put their hate for Trump over the welfare of America to advance the control over individual liberty. He has even defended those wanting to abolish ICE.

    Wouldn't it be great if there was no ICE and all of that dope made it into the hands of the peddlers of death. Lettau always makes the same circle when he has no logical answers; back to asking stupid questions to claim you have no answer. Why do you insist on saying I "hate Trump? He gets conned by Kim into meeting in person with him, and our President gushes over what a great leader he is how he loves his people.

    The unintended consequence is that the Russians and the Chinese interpret his congeniality with Kim to allow them to ignore international sanctions against North Korea. The trade war is costing Americans jobs and money. Everything he does seems to have more unintended consequences that he was ignorant of. I don't "hate" him, I just distrust him, have no respect for him, and really have no idea why the republicans in Congress put up with him.

    Uly, are you really that dense are just trying to midlead. I did not say you hated Trump in that question. I asked why you hated what he was doing Nice spin, China has always bought soy beans from those countries.

    Nothing has changed in that regard. They will still need American Soy beans. Meanwhile other markets will be happy to take up the slack when the south American supply is exhausted and the North American harvest comes into play.

    How many coal mines reopened? How many jobs came back from China? Where's the cheaper, better health care for everyone? Where are the higher paying jobs? Why is the price of gas higher than it's been for years? Why aren't wages increasing? Why has the cost of steel and aluminum skyrocketed? How precious is this -- it's the same damned thing you did to me with Obama.

    I got no use for Trump the same as Obama , why you have a double standard is anyone's guess. Neither Nike or Kaepernick have benefited from any of my money unless by tax money to build stadiums. Why wasn't the dude just ignored from the get instead of Trump and the media trying to make a circus out it all. Some of the pics of this dude kneeling are at eye level , this would mean one of the media were kneeling too. Bob Woodward , whoever he is , just released a book that claims Trump's aides "stold papers off his desk to protect the country.

    So far Trumps response has been a daily tweet , "Guilani is the worse defense for me that I've ever seen. Big hissy fits in the Senate hearing for the new Supreme Court Justice , protesters yelling and taken away with-in the first hour.

    Trump was elected , he campaigned on picking conservative justice and won. More freedom of expression by the protesters , more lack of respect for the Presidency. Is this circus anyway to run a country. The easiest way to hurt this dude is in the pocket book.

    Nike has the right to pay whoever they want to advertise their products I have the right to not buy their products. The NFL players have the right to protest whatever they want to protest Hopefully there are enough folks protesting Nike and the NFL then are supporting them.

    You're right as rain , everybody deserves the freedom to live their life as they want. Methinks this will blow over too in a matter of time. The NFL is going to take another hit this year , it's a zoo and a circus. Those loud mouths that were yelling sure looked and sounded like the same ones heard and hauled out of other events. Would not be surprised if they are paid with Obommunist financing. How hypocritical is it for a Government to demand every citizen is insured but not everyone must prove they are citizens.

    Many of those who refuse , or unable , to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens.

    Lettau, Call it insurance, medical care or healthcare. In your single payer scheme it's free to those who don't pay and paid for by those who do pay. Why do you falsely claim " Not so Uly, I still have a copy of the letter telling me Medicare was not a choice but I was receiving it regardless.

    Not exact wording but it covered what was stated. Further, if I really wanted to be covered, pick out a Supplemental Policy. So , Citizens have to enroll in mandated insurance but non-Citizens don't have to enroll as a National Citizen but get health care anyway.

    How does all that work , how's that "fundamental change" working out for you now? Obama was not the best thing since porcelain toilets. Explain again where the Government has the Right to force People what they have to pay instead of what they personally want.

    Just wondering Uly, how do you feel about how the Democrats made a shameful "ash" of themselves in the opening of the hearings for the nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Kavanaugh? A well qualified candidate I might add. Everything is being leaked out now. Schumer had the interrupting loudmouth senators at he opening on conference call to plan the resistance. Notice the screamers in the background did their disrupting only while republicans had the floor.

    These people and tactics have the support of the guy trying to convince people we need single payer. Single payer is just another word for nothing left to lose. Once and if ever in place, the next thing is all things paid for by central government confiscation. They shouldn't be spent on the lame and lazy , People who are illegal immigrants -- "illegal" being the key word here -- and those who are both.

    Were you gonna tell me how great mandated insurance and Single Payer are so great. The guy getting the coverage pays just like before. They don't like a single payer, "Medicare for all" plan so they bought a high number. I believe you don't understand nothing is Free except the People are suppose to be.

    Free from an oppressive and controlling Government. Those who have paid in for their whole life are now mandated by Federal Law they have to pay even more now then while they were working. The first step to cheaper health care is eliminate all deductibles and then start talking about the price of premiums. Then anyone who doesn't put in the pot are not entitled to anything , how is this even close to being fair? Tell us how you came up with your magic numbers I refer you back to the article I posted on the other thread that you choose to ignore and have no real answer for.

    These goals were similar to the ones declared by Mr. The failed Obamacare which did just the opposite of lowering prices was a huge failure and had it not been for John McCain we could have been rid of that millstone around the taxpayer's neck.

    I believe it was Mr. Nikita Khrushchev who stated they wouldn't have to fire a shot to take us over.

    And he was correct Mr Lettau, they do not need to, when we have proponents of their failed system of government like YOU, working right here in the United States with crackpot Socialistic plans that will take us down as well. Just like every other Socialistic System has failed so will this one. Once you have spent everyone else's money with taxation, where are you going to get more to support these crackpot pie in the sky schemes?

    It is my opinion both political Parties have gone straight to hell. Beginning in , some People believed each and every word that President said , their Party followed as instructed by that President no matter the issue.

    Today , some People believe each and every word this President says , the Party follows in kind no matter the issue. Both are lies , both are scams. WTF was "Fundamental Change" , there was no need to splinter and divide the Society by any means possible , the guy was not a miracle worker. The Great Lands have been the Great Lands forever and always will be , no one single person is a special gift sent to save everyone.

    In end all result of the past ten years is chaos , division of the People , and a total over all weakness of the Nation. Money isn't everything , People's feelings not getting hurt aren't everything. Was fun watching the mental midgets make fools of themselves today asking do you still beat your wife questions and trying to look smart by asking one accusatory question after another with no interest in an answer.

    You would think Cavanaugh was an Alien from outer space brought in by Trump to protect him as he took over the country while the Russians increased his wealth to billions. Richard, the entire process right now is enough to make you sick. And as you stated the Democrats are making total fools of themselves. But it's all right, I'm sure Uly will be along to exonerate them The judge is the illegitimate son of Putin and a half brother to the president: Richard, I see Uly has started another thread, to deflect away from something he cannot lie believably about.

    Yup Richard, just read it. One might have predicted Uly would jump on that Leftist inspired piece What's actually funny is the SO conservative's "knee-jerk" reaction in their blind denial of reality.

    I complained that they hurt my feet when I stand for the national anthem. If I were you I wouldn't hang my hat on an empty suit with no name, writing a piece of fiction getting rid of Trump. And no I don't want to see an illegitimate President sitting in the White House at the pleasure of a bunch of Leftist Wackos like yourself. Trump has done nothing to cause removal by a lynch mob. My God man have you no brains? Have you not been watching the bumbling Democrats trying to entrap the Supreme Court nominee and he's smarter and more honest than the lot of those frauds combined.

    Once again today the Republicans gave the Democrats more courtesy than deserved in the spectacle of what is called a confirmation hearing. The most mouthy Democrats were determined to make it all about Trump and the judge in some kind of fictional wink and nod secret code promising to stop the murder on demand of unborn children right up to just before birth or to rule Trump can't be bothered until after his terms expire.

    But , Trump has made it clear the media lies. He's a windbag full of himself , he believes he's not only saving the American People , he's saving the entire world too. Hey , put a red "S" on his cape and chest -- he's Superman , here to save mankind. What are the chances one of his "media advisory members" haven't flipped for their own fame and fortune? The dude just ain't all that plus a free bag of chips too.

    If you can't swim in the shark tank , stay out of the water. Rick, of course he did. As a person, I don't think I would want to make a steady dinner partner of him. His mannerisms could drive one crazy. But I like most of what he is getting done. He is NOT an incompetent idiot as some would try to make him. He is walking rough shod over the swamp dwellers and that is driving them crazy. He is our duly elected President and needs to be left to do what the people hired him to do.

    Who gives a rats hind end that the Hillary lovers thought she should be President. She would have been just more of the same-o-same-o and the people did nor want her. They need to get over it. For all of the BS and Democrats making fools of themselves, Kavanaugh is going to the Supreme Court, something else the Obamunists need to get used to.

    So many believe he has their best interest at heart , wouldn't count on that for a minute. All of those 1,'s and 1,'s of jobs except there are millions and millions of People in the Great Lands. There have always been jobs if a person gets out and looks for one. All of those jobs , so many new minimum wage jobs from those who had their taxes cut in half that the new minimum wage worker won't get.

    Definitely wouldn't want to be the next President , the dude has knocked the title "President" down a few steps , the next President is a no win situation.. Uly, Uly, Uly, I'm so excited for you. A chance for you to go get educated. And right in your back yard too. Since I won't be able to make it, do you think you could take notes and fill me in? Join President Donald J.

    Please limit personal items and arrive early to expedite entrance into the venue - please note, NO homemade signs, banners, professional cameras with a detachable lens, tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, back packs or large bags will be permitted into the venue. Merchandise will be sold at this event.

    If you are unable to attend, you can always pick-up your MAGA gear here at our online store. Standard messaging rates apply. To donate, go here: Ralph, I think it would be interesting to be at the airport and see what all lands.

    Don't think I am physically up to the lines and standing at the venue as they call it. Betting the best seat will be in front of the TV at home. Girlfriend and I just got our tickets and if our feet hold out on Sept. Semo, get you one a couple of those cane chairs for occasions like that. They open to a three legged stool.

    I suspect Uly will sneak in, just to see if he can find something to bellyache about. He listens to Limbaugh and Hannity, why wouldn't he go see Trump? Renegotiated free trade -- if it was free before what does it cost now? What are the numbers and facts , anyone can just say it. Stopped those chemical attacks in Syria How about Washington , the very 1st President who was a Leader of men that fought for Freedom How about Roosevelt who finished his speech after being shot..

    Trump is coming to SEMO , standing room only , already sold out as advertised by the main stream media. A person would think the latest and greatest rock band is here. It's what happens when celebrities are allowed to become leaders.

    A little first hand advice about those cane chairs. Great for a quick sit. Thought I'd upgrade to a 3 legged with soft seat and back. More like a camel saddle than chair and "the boys" definitely complained. Trumps unemployment rate is so low even Colin Kaepernick found a job. Speaking of him,have you seen his new Nike collection? It's a triple X small autographed jockstrap. So far as Kapernick is concerned, do not intend to support him or Nike in any way.

    Do not even intend to honor him enough to watch his commercials. Didn't have time to look in on the Circus today, how many paid protesters did they have to lock up? Still wonder if they lock'm up or just fine them an amount to to help pay overtime and add to the donut fund for the officers union. They seem to look and sound like as the ones the day before. It's uncanny how some supposedly "thinking" conservatives have convinced themselves that the "world" began when President Trump was sworn in.

    The facts listed above don't detract from the continued gains made in the past two years, but rather help explain them. LOL at you as always. Something Bush tried to correct but was rebuked by the Democrats as never going to happen.

    Therefore they get the credit for it. You going to try and give Obama credit for that also. Sorry Uly, it is a matter of record, the recovery during Obama's term was the weakest since the Great Depression. The confidence of the market was not there. The only reason there was any gain in my opinion was there was no place else to put your money short of real estate to show any gains.

    Growth on money in the bank was horrible. If the Federal Reserve had not propped up the Obama Presidency with the lowest rates I can ever remember, where do you think the economy would have gone during Obama's term? The Fed is raising rates finally and it is not killing growth in the current President's term at least to this point. We don't need any more of your trying to prop Obama up, we had 8 years of it, he is gone He would find some way to credit Obama with the deed.

    For as long as I can remember, I have loved math tricks. This one really works! It will take you only about ten seconds and, amazingly, it will reveal your all-time favorite movie. I'm pretty good at math, so I did it in my head, then on paper, and finally on a calculator just to confirm my mathematical calculations.

    Each time I got the same answer, and sure enough, it is my very favorite movie.. Ford says Trump's tariff War won't affect it's sales from making the Ford Focus in China , basically , telling Trump no. GMC said the same thing when it built a new plant in Mexico.

    No new jobs will be created in the auto industry nor any local restaurants , gas stations , stores , etc that are supported by auto workers will be created either. Nor any plants who make auto parts. That Trade War ain't about nothing -- it's hurting the farmers too. One problem with the USA today , too many don't look before they leap. First Obama , now Trump. Actually Rick, on the sizes of the holes dug for us I have been told they are larger than they one time were because people have become taller through time.

    Also was told that in the days of smaller holes, legs could be broken to get a tall man into the box. We promised to never forget. And now our country is divided by hate between its own people. During this terrible time, we were all one. Where's the remembrance now? Shame on us America. What this country needs is a good Cash for Clunkers program.

    That would show them Mexicans that buy our old cars and make'm quit steeling our jobs. The Great Bird always takes care of those who put their self on mountain tops , ain't that right Trump? The problem is that being President isn't like being the star of a reality TV show. And it's not at all clear that Trump knows that there is a difference between the two.

    Rick, You ever been president to know all this or is this your opinion? He wasn't my first pick but I'm starting to like him. At least he is doing something with me and mine in mind. As a perk we are entertained through the forums with the reaction of our local Obomunist. Has the size of Government gone down? Not that I'm aware , the amount of Alphabet soup Government Agencies remains the same.

    This economy is a house built of cards , the next President can start re-instating regulations again just as this one has slowed them down , that's when the economy started to turn , those new taxes won't mean squat in the long haul. I don't see how the tariffs have worked just yet , has any definite deal been made or does Congress have to approve them as well. This Nation and it's People are as divided as ever.

    Letheau or any of the rest of us can have our say , I do wonder about those Socialist and Obamberals though. Until it's the Country before Party and People become Americans before the D or the R nothing will really change any way.

    I use my opinion , call them as I see them , only what an Independent sees and feels. This doesn't equal truth in any way. I do understand how it could rub some folks the wrong way Protest against NIKE's child labor , sweat shop , poor working conditions , and 20 cents an hour wages. Just a rumor but it's said some SEMO professors were giving A's to any student who protested at the Trump rally and an F if they went in support.

    Like I said,just a rumor but one that could be believable in today's world. Trump uses the media or "enemy of the People" to spread the word he's cancelling. Is this a lie too? Just heard one more source, economists are saying that your glory grabbing, lying empty suit of an ex President, Barack Hussein Obama is full of it when claiming that Trump's successes were just continuations of his. I might add his failures that he likes to claim as successes. There's a bunch of snowflakes over on the Trump visit comments with a lot of poster board and crayons with nothing to do now.

    McCaskill was married to David Exposito, with whom she had three children. The couple divorced in , after 11 years of marriage, while McCaskill was Jackson County Prosecutor. Something I find very odd. I hear no praise for Trump's tax cuts as it affects our Ameren Electric Billings.

    She will also fight the Republicans that want to take away your Social Security and Medicare. That sounds like a great deal for any Ameren Electric customers , it don't mean so much to those of who ditched Ameren Electric for excessive price increases. I wouldn't trust them a bit. No complaint , just fact.

    Claire , like Hillary , will lose her Broom come Halloween. There's not much difference in her and Hawley , both are career politicians , maybe a new face or a different letter of the alphabet. David I heard the complete statement this evening and he definitely was quoting a Priest if I am not mistaken.

    But they were not his words as the lying Democrats are trying to make them by using partial quotes. One of our Posters on Speak Out is famous for using portions of someone's sentence to prove his phony facts. By the way where is he hiding? Thought for a little while that he was ignoring me again, that would be about the th time he has tried that tact. Guess he is applying it to everybody at this point. Richard, I am anxiously watching for Clair's vote on Kavanaugh. Wonder if she votes for Missouri or for her Democratic handlers.

    Good example is the mention of Judge Kavanaugh and the Priest. That should not be too difficult to understand. Because answering questions you are not asked is a given with attorneys And especially true when you have the comedy team of Democrats asking the questions, just praying for a "gotcha". Uly do you really think it is honest for the Democrats and Leftist Press to try and pass off a portion of the Priest's comment as Kavanaugh's?

    Which is what they are doing! Anybody can find fault with anyone , this could go on forever. Would the USA even have a President anymore if there were objections to everything a person did?

    Supreme Court Justice can't be activated or approved due to their personal ideology , they should be activated or approved by their knowledge of Constitutional Law. Chances are there will never be another one if personal ideology is all that's investigated or asked about. Bribed and coercered weaker Democrats to vote yes. And passed without Republican input or votes!!

    I don't see any "Democrats" raising hell about this.. I can't find where the Government has the Right to force the People to purchase any commerce in the Constitution and not real sure where Roberts found it either. He definitely creates Law , the task of Congress , instead of interrupts Law , the task of a Judge. Is he ceding to the Hillary freaks? If I remember correctly, Roberts decided it was a tax which with the advent of Income taxes became the fashionable thing to do.

    Want to do something, levy a tax. Roberts decided this being a tax flew in the face of what the Democrats and Obama specifically stated was not a tax. Roberts made law instead of interpreting it and just shut up at that point because his job was completed. Always wondered if they had threatened him with some skeleton in his closet that was unknown to the general public and he buckled.

    Maybe I'm wrong but shouldn't taxes be used for infrastructure and Defense of the People. How is a commerce the same as infrastructure and defense of the People? Why don't those who insist this a God Send fill out a new W-4 to have extra taxes deducted from their own income instead of forcing everyone to feel the same way? Where is the incentive for anyone in Health Care to make it cheaper when they know the Public are mandated to pay whatever they want.

    What has happened to Free Enterprise by competition. What commerce will be next for this Central Government to mandate and control instead of Freedom of choice. Socialism is never cheap. It's not intended to take anything out of context, it's a mechanism to show what I'm referring to, nothing more.

    I mean "Sorry that's a 'hypothetical' meaning he said you'd try to trick me into answering that. If you Democrats could get past pouting over the election you feel you bought and paid for we could get on with making this country a better place to live than it already is. Instead you prefer to run it into the ground because you didn't get your way.

    Acting like a bunch of 5 year old kids passing the candy at the checkout counter since November 9, and we are all laughing at you. And why do you put it into quotation marks I believe it is owed to the person you are quoting to include the whole text if you are putting it down as a quotation. Trying to change the meaning is dishonest!

    Where is the Law that says People must answer questions they are asked? Did Hillary directly ever answer the questions as to where those Classified Government documents went? If a Democrat had nominated Kavanaugh, Uly would be singing his praises to the rooftops, but since Trump did, we must defeat him at all costs Honesty and integrity to hell, if Trump is for it they are against it.

    Speaking of not answering questions , how was this dude qualified during the BushII Administration but not now? I won't hold my breathe waiting for an answer that makes sense.. The obommunist committee members spent the day opposing the making of the tax cuts for regular people permanent. They as expected are still selling that old every election year crap that Republicans want to take away your Social security. You guys need to be kind to Uly.

    You're putting too much pressure on a house that didn't meet code to begin with. According to this the President of the US, no matter who holds the office has pretty broad powers on declassifying information.

    On 2nd thought maybe you better ask Uly, it may be that all Presidents except Trump has this power. Outright lies in the press is indeed the enemy of the people Started with an allegation assumed to be true. Trump's "so what if I did?

    There was never any proof Trump shared classified information with Russians. Read all the Wikipedia article and pay attention to footnotes as to who is contributing to the article. Or that the country is bitterly divided over Mr. Or even that his party might well lose the House to an opposition hellbent on his downfall. Glad to see you're not "stupid" in recognizing that it comes from a member of our President's senior staff. Hopefully you read the full text. While there's no such thing as the "deep state," it's reassuring to learn that there are individuals "deep" within the administration working for good of all Americans.

    I'd like to believe that you'd be happy to have people in the White House that are putting the country first. Now a little follow up to show that even Mr. It must really be miserable to hate a man as much as he does President Trump that he has no problem with the total desecration of all that most Americans have held dear to this point.

    Wheels, I would reply in agreement but right now I'm too upset with Trump for causing that bad storm on the east coast. Lettau is ignoring us again like he always does when he has no spin.

    Meanwhile a lot of us are following the Obommunists and marveling at how they are doubling down on the lies. The team of jackase leading was bogged down in the sand so the people of the wagon train brought up another wagon and team to the front. When the train started making up for lost time at record rates exceeding anything thought possible, the main jackase started claiming credit for planning the trip.

    Ralph, I watched Judge Pirro's visit to Reagan library a few days ago. Largest crowd ever in that place and it was short notice. Point being Trump has more support than we are led to believe even in California. She is very down on Sessions but I still think after the Dems are defeated in the mid-terms he will start draining the swamp big time. If I'm wrong it won't be the first time. IMO , negative news is basically the decision of the reader as is criticism or bad press.

    Two different reports will never has the same prospective. La Commissione promuove inoltre lo scambio volontario di pratiche ottimali tra i paesi dell'UE per il tramite del Piano d'azione per la donazione e il trapianto di organi.

    Inoltre, la Commissione partecipa attivamente alla sensibilizzazione sulla donazione degli organi e sul problema delle liste d'attesa tra i giornalisti europei che possono quindi divulgare le informazioni ai cittadini. In the light of the presentation of the report by the National Transplant Centre on activities in , it appears that Italy, with Spain holds first place with Each day, the lives of many people depend on organ donation.

    Unfortunately, the waiting list for transplants is always very long and the European average for organ donors is still very low considering the data for the countries listed above. Considering the very positive examples of Spain, France and Italy, can the Commission confirm whether it intends to bring awareness to the other European countries so that their populations understand the importance of organ donation in such a way as to increase the European average for donors and, as a result, lower waiting times for transplants?

    The Commission actively supports EU Member States in their work to improve quality and safety of organs for transplantation.

    The management of the waiting lists and the shaping of the consent systems, however, remain national responsibility. The Commission also promotes the voluntary exchange of best practices between EU countries through the action plan on Organ Donation and Transplantation.

    Action in this context aims to help increase organ availability and to reduce waiting lists. Moreover, the Commission is actively involved in raising awareness about organ donation and waiting lists among European journalists who can then disseminate information towards citizens. Considering that the lack of access to new means of communication is one of the main barriers which need to be overcome in order to enable everyone to participate in the information society, national public administrations have a duty to seek constantly to perfect their web pages and explore new and better methods for providing Internet services and content in areas where new technologies are developed.

    Web access for the disabled should be an integral part of public information policy both within and outside the Union, and legislation or other policy instruments must provide valid incentives for the inclusive integration, especially of the disabled and the elderly, in the information society.

    Can the Commission check that Member States have implemented targeted measures and present a report on the results achieved, allocating to the Member States the resources needed to ensure web accessibility?

    Does the Commission intend to oblige public administrations at all levels to introduce rules of good conduct on websites for whose development funding is granted? Since the Commission has issued several communications on e-accessibility, including web-accessibility, e. The Commission regularly initiate awareness campaigns, public events, e. It is funding projects for research and deployment e. The eGovernment Action Plan also covers the development of services designed around user needs and ensuring inclusiveness and accessibility.

    The Commission is also evaluating the accessibility of its own websites. In the context of funds used to develop websites, the Structural Fund Regulation requires that accessibility shall be one of the criteria in defining and implementing operations co-financed. L'OMS intende eliminare morbillo e rosolia entro il Entrambe le malattie possono comportare gravi conseguenze.

    Considerata l'incidenza inusitatamente elevata del morbillo, in particolare nell'ultimo biennio, la Commissione ha concordato con il Centro europeo per la prevenzione e il controllo delle malattie di intensificare gli sforzi a sostegno degli Stati membri per aiutarli a raggiungere l'obiettivo di eradicazione di tale malattia, sviluppando materiali informativi per il pubblico, promuovendo la vaccinazione degli operatori sanitari, sostenendo lo scambio di buone pratiche e migliorando la raccolta di dati in tema di copertura da vaccinazione.

    Both illnesses can have serious consequences. Measles is highly contagious and, if not properly treated, can even result in death. German measles is a dangerous illness especially if contracted by women during the first trimester of pregnancy. It can lead to congenital rubella syndrome which causes serious, and permanent, damage to the newborn.

    The countries that have signed up to PNEMRC have undertaken, over the coming years, to improve surveillance of these two illnesses and to assess the immunisation status and vaccination of women of child-bearing age, as well as to improve vaccination coverage against measles and German measles.

    In view of the above, can the Commission give its opinion on the target set by the WHO and state whether it intends to make the countries that have not signed up to PNEMRC aware of the serious consequences of the two illnesses in question? Given the unusually high incidence of measles in particular during the last two years, the Commission agreed with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control to step up efforts to support Member States in reaching the elimination goal by developing communication material for the public, advocating vaccination to healthcare workers, supporting the exchange of best practices, and improving data collection on vaccination coverage.

    The counterpart to this has been the drastic reduction in small farms and a real abandonment of rural areas. This would provide a further occasion for organised crime with its huge availability of liquid assets to appropriate, at special rates, a large part of the land put up for sale, thereby facilitating the recycling of unlawful earnings. In fact, the policy to reform agriculture should guarantee and promote access to the land and the development of new farms.

    Ideally, these would be run by young rural entrepreneurs, individually or in groups, and would also include socially important initiatives to enable both the entry of new operators in the primary sector and the survival of already existing small concerns. Can the Commission state how it intends to draw up guidelines concerning the disposal of agricultural land to guarantee additional resources for public funds, taking into account compulsorily making all publicly owned agricultural land available for use, using controlled rent contracts reserved for agricultural entrepreneurs and giving priority to young individuals or groups of farmers and to socially important initiatives?

    As regards the question what the Commission does concerning land policy and in particular publicly owned agricultural land, the Commission would point out that this issue comes under the full responsibility of the Member States. The same is true regarding the suggested idea of reserving agricultural land to young farmers or agricultural entrepreneurs. In Siria, negli ultimi 10 mesi che sono stati contrassegnati dalla rivolta popolare contro il governo di Bashir al-Assad, ben tra bambini e ragazzi hanno perso la vita a seguito delle rappresaglie, delle irruzioni nelle case e dei bombardamenti.

    Il portavoce dell'Unicef, Marixie Mercado, aggiunge, inoltre, per voce dell'Osservatorio nazionale per i diritti umani in Siria Ondus , che gli intensi bombardamenti effettuati dalle forze governative nei quartieri civili di Homs hanno colpito l'ospedale pediatrico al Walid, fattore che potrebbe aggravare il bilancio delle vittime denunciato.

    Sono confermate le notizie di bambini arrestati arbitrariamente, torturati e abusati sessualmente durante la loro detenzione, richiamando anche l'attenzione sull'uso di munizioni contro i manifestanti.

    Le violenze volute dal regime di Bashar al-Assad a danno di Homs e che sono sotto osservazione da parte della scena politica e diplomatica internazionale, hanno richiesto l'intervento delle Nazioni Unite: L'UE ha ripetutamente condannato i brutali attacchi e le diffuse violazioni dei diritti umani commessi dal regime siriano nei confronti della sua popolazione, anche contro minori. L'Unione ha condannato gli attacchi illegali ai danni del personale medico e delle strutture recanti il simbolo della Mezzaluna rossa e ha esortato il regime a proteggere tutte le strutture mediche, il personale e i volontari.

    Gli Orientamenti sui bambini e i conflitti armati impegnano l'Unione ad affrontare la questione in maniera globale e i capi missione dell'UE controllano e riferiscono al riguardo. This is probably set to further increase the number of victims. News of children being unlawfully arrested, tortured and sexually abused while in detention has been confirmed, and attention has been drawn to the use of live ammunition against the demonstrators.

    The violence unleashed by the regime of Bashar al-Assad against Homs, which is being observed by the international political and diplomatic community, has required the intervention of the United Nations. The EU has consistently condemned the brutal attacks and widespread human rights violations inflicted by the Syrian regime on its population, including children. It has reiterated that there must be a full investigation of the findings of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry, which pointed to crimes against humanity, and made clear that there can be no impunity for the perpetrators of such alleged crimes.

    The EU has repeatedly expressed its concern at the increasingly worsening humanitarian plight of the Syrian population. It has urged the regime to grant unimpeded access of humanitarian organisations in order to allow them to deliver humanitarian assistance and medical care to all those in need.

    It condemned the illegal attacks against medical staff and installations carrying the symbols of the Red Crescent and urged the regime to protect all medical facilities, professionals and volunteers.

    The EU is committed to the protection and promotion of the rights of the child in its external and internal policies. The EU Heads of Missions monitor and report on children affected by armed conflicts. Traffico illecito e maltrattamenti dei pesci tropicali. Ogni anno, vengono importati in Italia circa 10 milioni di pesci di ogni genere. Esemplari come squali, coralli, meduse, piranha, pesci pagliaccio e tanti altri vengono pescati in mari tropicali, sistemati in sacchetti di plastica con pochissima acqua e posti all'interno di grandi cartoni.

    Una volta arrivati in aeroporto, la procedura richiede che essi siano trasportati in acquari specifici dove i biologi possano accertarsi della loro salute e curarli. La procedura legale avviene raramente. La maggior parte dei cartoni contenenti le specie tropicali viene smistata direttamente ai negozianti, abbattendo costi e tempi.

    L'inchiesta pubblicata da un noto quotidiano italiano rivela che ci sono molti vuoti normativi in relazione a quanto appena detto. Si pensa che anche le organizzazioni mafiose siano coinvolte in questo tipo di traffici e approfittino dell'anello debole della catena per ampliare il loro giro d'affari con il commercio illegale di pesci tropicali. Il regolamento CE n.

    Non tutte le disposizioni contenute nel regolamento sul trasporto di animali sono altrettanto adatte a trattare le problematiche del benessere dei pesci. Per tale motivo, la Commissione prevede di avviare uno studio sul benessere dei pesci d'allevamento durante il trasporto. Inoltre, il regolamento CE n.

    Detto regolamento non prevede una quarantena all'arrivo degli animali nell'Unione. Tuttavia, tutte le partite di pesci vivi originari di paesi terzi devono essere presentate ai posti di ispezione frontalieri per essere sottoposte a controlli veterinari onde verificare il rispetto delle condizioni di importazione di cui alla legislazione summenzionata.

    Il controllo e l'attuazione della legislazione rientrano principalmente nelle competenze degli Stati membri. Most of these are destined to supply pet shops, which retail them at high prices. Specimens such as sharks, coral, jellyfish, piranhas, clownfish and many more are caught in tropical waters, put in plastic bags with very little water and placed in large boxes.

    The fish have to travel in these conditions sometimes for more than 48 hours. Once they have arrived at the airport, the rules require that the fish are transported in specific aquariums where biologists can check their health and treat them. It is also compulsory to keep them housed, a quarantine required by law. The legal procedures are rarely adhered to. Most of the boxes containing tropical species are sent directly to the retailers, reducing costs and the time taken. A public inquiry by a well-known Italian daily newspaper revealed that there are many legislative gaps in relation to the above.

    It is also thought that the mafia is involved in this type of trafficking and takes advantage of the weak link in the chain to increase its turnover with the illegal trade in tropical fish. When entering the Union, the transport water in the plastic bags is normally not changed and the fish continue their journey to their final destination. Not all the provisions in the transport regulation are equally well suited to addressing fish welfare issues.

    For this reason, the Commission is planning to launch a study on the welfare of farmed fish during transport. This regulation does not foresee quarantine of animals upon arrival in the Union as a general principle. However, all consignments of live fish originating from third countries have to be presented to Union approved border inspection posts for veterinary checks to verify that they comply with the import conditions required by the above legislation.

    The control and enforcement of legislation is primarily under the competence of the Member States. Kommissionen har i et svar af Senest har Kommissionen i et svar af Danmark informerede den The proposal envisages that compulsory affiliation to cable distribution networks in local planning guidelines will cease three years after the amendment comes into force.

    The proposal does not offer the opportunity for earlier withdrawal, even though the capital outstanding for cable distribution networks that retain compulsory affiliation, in the majority of cases, is modest or non-existent.

    If the Commission regards the present proposal as inadequate, does it intend to initiate a formal infringement procedure against Denmark? In this latest question, the Honourable Member asks the Commission whether it considers the Danish proposal sufficient or if it intends to initiate infringement proceedings against Denmark. The Commission is in the process of analysing the most recent developments, including the timing of the legislative process and the transition period that it would involve.

    The German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy have put forward a proposal for creating a special blocked account where the interest for paying off the Greek debt will be deposited so that the money will be permanently available. At the same time, as reported by the UK Financial Times , the proposal, which according to a European official is very likely to be included as a condition under the new Greek financial programme, provides for creditors to be paid directly from this account, thus averting the threat of bankruptcy.

    The Eurogroup has also welcomed the intention of the Greek authorities to introduce over the next two months in the Greek legal framework a provision ensuring that priority is granted to debt servicing payments. This provision will be introduced in the Greek constitution as soon as possible. A favore dell'adesione si dichiarano tutti i maggiori partiti, dai socialdemocratici del premier croato e del presidente all'opposizione di centrodestra.

    Esistono ancora, per quanto risulta alla Commissione, dispute territoriali che potrebbero minare i futuri rapporti diplomatici con altri Stati membri dell'UE?

    Il trattato prevede specifiche misure di monitoraggio art. La Commissione mantiene un dialogo serrato con la Croazia al fine di aiutare e guidare il paese nel resto della fase preparatoria all'adesione.

    All the major parties have declared themselves in favour of accession, from the social democrats of the Croatian Prime Minister and the President to the centre-right opposition. Whether she is aware of any continuing territorial disputes which could undermine future diplomatic relations with other Member States of the EU?

    The ratification process by the national parliaments of the Member States has started. The Commission maintains a close dialogue with Croatia in order to help and guide it during the remaining part of the accession preparations. Subsequently, the Greek Minister for Citizen Protection stated that the rules governing the External Borders Fund would, without doubt, permit the financing of construction of the barrier along the Evros at the border between Greece and Turkey, so as to stem migration flows to Greece and the rest of Europe.

    The Greek Minister observed in fact that the European Commission had never denied the legal justification of the application by Greece. Can the Commission confirm the statements of the Greek Minister that the delay in approval of funding for , for the comprehensive programme for management of the Greek borders in Greece, is due to the complications arising in connection with the construction of the Evros barrier?

    However, discussions on the draft annual programme largely focused on the general compliance of the proposed programme with the most pressing priorities for Greece, namely the needs to address recommendations of the Schengen Evaluation process, the timely development of the national components of SIS II and VIS and the effective implementation of the Greek Action Plan on Asylum and Migration.

    From the outset of these discussions, the Commission expressed its readiness to support the actions aiming at the implementation of measures identified in the action plan, such as screening centres in Evros. The Commission also encouraged the Greek authorities to allocate more resources for this purpose and to start making the appropriate preparations to ensure proper implementation.

    It went on to quote reports of children having been arbitrarily arrested, tortured, and sexually abused during their detention.

    What measures does the Commission intend to take to prevent further deaths of children due to the conflict? Does it have any means of exerting pressure on the Syrian side to immediately release children being tortured and sexually abused?

    Has it attempted to give assistance by sending a humanitarian mission to Syria to address this problem? It has called on the Syrian authorities to immediately release all those illegally arrested or detained and to refrain from all acts of barbarism including torture and sexual abuse. It affirmed that there must be a full investigation of the findings of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry, which pointed to crimes against humanity.

    The EU has reiterated its concern at the worsening humanitarian plight of the Syrian population. It urged the regime to grant unimpeded access of humanitarian organisations to enable them to assist those in need and condemned the illegal attacks against medical staff and installations.

    The EU has fully supported international efforts to ensure a coordinated, rapid and effective humanitarian response to the crisis. The EU Heads of Missions monitor and report on children affected by armed conflict. Does it believe that these objectives have been achieved? If not, what are, in its opinion, the main reasons for these delays? How have the failure to achieve these objectives and the resulting shortfall in revenue been remedied by Greece?

    As the Honourable Member is probably aware, two transactions related to gaming have taken place so far. There are other gaming-related transactions in the Privatisation Plan which are expected to generate additional receipts throughout Furthermore, the government stated that it would present a report on the activities of the Task Force assessing progress in ensuring the rapid implementation and take-up of Structural Fund resources, and that it would suggest improvements where necessary.

    Does it consider that the take-up rates so far are consistent with the objectives set in ? Is the report presented by the government regarding progress in ensuring rapid implementation and take-up of Structural Funds considered to be satisfactory?

    Greece has reported on progress in ensuring rapid implementation and take-up of Structural Funds and the Commission considers this progress to be satisfactory.. In addition, national authorities have been urged to rapidly adopt the necessary legislation to shorten and simplify procedures on contract awards and land expropriation. Finally, with the cooperation of the Commission services, additional measures for further simplification and acceleration of Structural Fund interventions are under consideration.

    The phenomenon of inadequate childcare in Greece has assumed unprecedented proportions, aggravated by cuts in resources that threaten the continued operation of these facilities. Does it have at its disposal any instruments for use by Member States, especially those in the most difficult economic circumstances, in order to support those groups of children which are particularly vulnerable to the economic crisis e.

    Are public child protection institutions in Greece eligible for funding from the European Structural Funds? Is the country adequately utilising resources for this purpose?

    The European Social Fund offers support to children from vulnerable groups either directly through specific education measures tailored for them or indirectly through measures supporting childcare in order to promote the employment of their parents. Public childcare and child protection facilities as such are not eligible for co-financing from the European Social Fund.

    The construction of childcare infrastructures as well as the acquisition of equipment can be eligible under the European Regional Development Fund ERDF.

    However, as the selection of specific interventions lies under the auspices of the national authorities and information available to the Commission on the absorption of ERDF assistance is not sufficiently detailed to establish the precise amounts allocated and used for childcare institutions supporting children affected by the crisis, the Commission would suggest to the Honourable Member to contact directly the national authorities in charge of childcare institutions for more detailed information.

    Sviluppo produttivo e armonizzazione degli oneri burocratici. Non pensa che la coordinazione economica e fiscale debba andare di pari passo con quella degli oneri burocratici? Lo stesso vale per la materia tributaria, esazione fiscale compresa.

    Dal canto proprio la Commissione sta riducendo gli oneri derivanti dalla normativa UE — oneri amministrativi compresi — nell'ambito delle iniziative a favore della regolamentazione intelligente. Uno scambio di buone pratiche potrebbe favorire la riduzione degli oneri regolamentari a carico delle imprese in alcuni Stati membri e nell'Unione europea nel suo complesso. The Treaties entrust the European Union with the task of coordinating economic policy.

    The European stability mechanism will provide financial assistance for countries in difficulty, under very strict conditions. However, the new rules may not take into account the different starting points in each country. This is having an impact on the outcome of the austerity measures governments are having to implement to comply with the new objectives, but also on the strategies that businesses are having to employ to remain in the market.

    Competing in the single market when subject to a large amount of red tape is becoming a major problem and, in any case, is putting companies at a disadvantage compared to their competitors who benefit from a much lighter touch. Given these enormous differences, including varying levels of economic freedom, annual administrative burdens and the cost of work in the state sector, can the Commission answer the following questions:. Does it not think it should advise Member States to harmonise their red tape in order to make competition fairer and create a level playing field for national economies and their productive sectors?

    Does it not believe that economic and fiscal coordination should go hand in hand with the coordination of red tape? Will it examine in depth the consequences of this disparity and propose appropriate measures? This also applies to the area of taxation, including tax collection arrangements. The Commission is reducing regulatory burden of EU legislation, including administrative burden, as part of its Smart Regulation agenda.

    The reduction of regulatory burden has become an integral part of the impact assessments that Commission initiatives undergo before being proposed to Council and Parliament. In line with the Annual Growth Survey , further actions are being pursued at EU and national level to modernise public administrations.

    All of these initiatives are designed to produce a strong common agenda at EU and national level to coordinate economic policy and improve conditions for growth and employment. La Commissione non intende condurre uno studio scientifico per stabilire l'origine e i rischi potenziali di tali prodotti in considerazione del fatto che la questione si limita a casi segnalati in Cina.

    La Commissione si basa su sistemi articolati ed efficaci di controllo della sicurezza alimentare nell'UE al fine di individuare gli eventuali problemi legati a prodotti alimentari importati da paesi terzi.

    The Chinese health authorities have launched an investigation to ascertain the nature of these eggs. It is suspected that they have been produced artificially in order to make a profit, but the small numbers that have appeared on the market tend to discount this theory.

    The Commission was not officially informed but was aware of this case concerning Chinese elastic eggs. The Commission does not intend to conduct a scientific study in order to establish the origin and potential risks of the products in question given that this matter is restricted to reported cases in China. However, the Commission is following closely the investigation undertaken by the Chinese authorities. The Commission relies on exhaustive and effective EU food safety control systems to detect problems in food imported from third countries.

    A Bergamo giungono dopo un'estrazione a sorte del Forum delle polizie locali. Tali progetti potrebbero contemplare la sperimentazione di tecniche di monitoraggio innovative. Another weapon has been added to the armoury for monitoring air quality: The one-year experiment will involve the formation of a central environmental police unit, together with a number of satellite units. Is the Commission aware of the experiment in monitoring air quality being conducted by the municipality of Bergamo?

    Does it believe that the initiative involving the Bergamo local police can be replicated in other European countries as part of future pilot projects?

    The Commission is not aware of the experiment in monitoring air quality in Bergamo to which the Honourable Member refers. Such projects could include the trial of innovative monitoring techniques. Mentre ad Aleppo ci sono state esplosioni, decine di migliaia di soldati hanno attaccato un quartiere nella periferia di Homs. Gli attivisti spiegano che sono in corso rastrellamenti casa per casa. In sei giorni le persone decedute sono invece state oltre Con l'obiettivo di una soluzione politica della crisi, l'Ue sostiene a pieno l'inviato speciale dell'ONU e della Lega araba e il suo piano in sei punti per una soluzione inclusiva e pacifica sotto la guida della Siria.

    L'Unione accoglie favorevolmente la dichiarazione del presidente del Consiglio di sicurezza delle Nazioni Unite a sostegno del piano di Kofi Annan ed esorta tutti i membri del Consiglio di sicurezza a continuare a lavorare in questa direzione.

    While explosions were occurring in Aleppo, tens of thousands of soldiers attacked a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Homs. The rebel-held city has been under attack for almost a week. Activists say that house-to-house raids have been taking place. In six days the number of dead has exceeded Whether she is aware of the attack in Aleppo and the clashes in Homs between rebels and the Syrian troops? Whether she intends to implement measures to ensure the situation in Syria returns to normal as quickly as possible.

    If so, what does she propose? She has condemned the Syrian army's brutal crackdown on Homs and urged the regime to withdraw its troops from besieged cities and towns.

    It will continue to do so until there is an end to the violence and also urges the international community to join its efforts in adopting and enforcing sanctions against those responsible for the repression in Syria. Verplicht gebruik van winterbanden voor personenvoertuigen.

    Veel verkeersongevallen en verkeersoponthoud ten gevolge van sneeuwval of ander winterweer kunnen voorkomen worden indien elk personenvoertuig uitgerust zou zijn met winterbanden. De Europese wetgeving bevat reeds heel wat veiligheidsvoorschriften voor personenvoertuigen.

    Acht de Commissie het niet aangewezen om het verplichte seizoensgebruik van winterbanden toe te voegen aan de bestaande lijst veiligheidsvoorschriften?

    In het kader van de Economische Commissie voor Europa van de Verenigde Naties VN-ECE zijn reeds voorbereidingen aan de gang om functionele eisen, zoals de grip op sneeuw, op te nemen in de regelgeving inzake typegoedkeuringen. De Commissie is van oordeel dat eerst functionele eisen moeten zijn vastgesteld alvorens een eventueel verplicht seizoensgebruik van winterbanden kan worden overwogen.

    Many traffic accidents and delays caused by snow or other winter conditions could be prevented if all passenger vehicles were equipped with winter tyres. The European legislation already contains a lot of safety requirements for passenger vehicles.

    Does the Commission deem it inappropriate to add the compulsory seasonal use of winter tyres to the existing list of safety requirements? Preparatory work has already been done at UN-ECE to include functional requirements — such as snow-gripp — into type-approval legislation. The Commission considers that the establishment of functional requirements should be concluded before reflecting on a possible compulsory seasonal use of winter tyres.

    Verplichte uitrusting van personenwagens met een volwaardig reservewiel. Europese personenwagens zijn verplicht uitgerust met een reservewiel. Nergens in de wetgeving wordt echter bepaald dat dit reservewiel een volwaardig wiel dient te zijn.

    Acht de Commissie het niet aangewezen de verplichting om personenwagens uit te rusten met een reservewiel verder te specificeren als doelende op een volwaardig reservewiel? Het is bovendien ook aanvaardbaar om auto's krachtens de eerder genoemde wetgeving met runflatbanden uit te rusten. Voertuigfabrikanten kunnen op dit ogenblik vrij beslissen om voertuigen al dan niet met reserve-eenheden, runflatbanden of andere oplossingen zoals reparatiesets uit te rusten.

    Zo kunnen de fabrikanten gewicht besparen om het brandstofverbruik en de CO 2 -emissie te verbeteren, ruimte besparen of gewoon de kosten verlagen. Het is dan ook niet aangewezen de installatie van volwaardige reserve-eenheden verplicht te stellen.

    It is mandatory for European passenger vehicles to be equipped with a spare wheel. It is not stipulated anywhere in the legislation however, that this spare wheel should be a full size one. As a result, many passenger vehicles only carry a small wheel the so-called space saver , which cannot be used for driving over long distances and does not offer the same safety level as a normal wheel.

    In addition, it is also acceptable for cars to be fitted with run-flat tyres in compliance with the aforementioned Regulations. Vehicle manufacturers are currently free to decide whether or not vehicles are fitted with spare units, run-flat tyres or other solutions such as repair kits. This enables manufacturers to address issues linked to weight saving efforts to improve fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, to address available space restrictions or to simply achieve cost reduction.

    In light of the above, it is not appropriate to define mandatory fitment of full-size spare units. Und wenn ja, welche? Wenn nein, sind beispielsweise im Rahmen der Gemeinsamen Forschungsstelle Studien geplant? However, according to scientists and health experts, the e-cigarette risks are still difficult to assess and their health effects are still unknown since conclusive studies do not yet exist. The legal situation in Germany and Europe is non-uniform, and it is still unclear whether e-cigarettes are considered stimulants, tobacco products or pharmaceuticals.

    Does it have any studies available on the effects and side-effects of e-cigarettes? If so, what are they? If not, are studies planned, for example, within the scope of the Joint Research Centre? What is its opinion regarding the classification of e-cigarettes as stimulants, tobacco products or pharmaceuticals? Does it intend to include a classification in the revision of the Tobacco Products Directive? A possible extension of the scope of the directive to include these products and regulate their ingredients is among the various options being analysed.

    The Commission has not, at this stage, taken a final position on the preferred policy option. When e-cigarettes are classified as medicinal products by Member States, such products are subject to an in-depth assessment of the effect and possible adverse reactions before the marketing authorisation is granted. Currently, there is limited data available on the effects and side-effects of e-cigarettes. Dabei wird eine Vielzahl von teilweise krebserregenden Chemikalien eingesetzt, weshalb massive Umweltbedenken bestehen.

    In einigen Teilen Europas z. Es liegen noch keine Ergebnisse vor. Die Kommission wird weitere Studien einleiten, sollte dies als notwendig erachtet werden. Shale gas is regarded as an unconventional energy source because the extractable volume of gas stored in rock is lower than in conventional deposits.

    The practice of shale gas extraction has long been in decline. Numerous chemicals are used in the process, some of them carcinogenic, and there are serious environmental concerns. Furthermore, it is not possible to guarantee that the well can be effectively sealed off from the strata carrying groundwater, so that saline solution or harmful auxiliary substances might enter the groundwater during extraction.

    The technologically-complex extraction of shale gas is only seen as a profitable alternative in the context of rising natural gas prices and the quest for independent energy sources. There are reports of shale gas extraction now being promoted in some parts of Europe e. Has there been any research at EU level in relation to environmental concerns regarding shale gas extraction? The Commission is neutral regarding the exploration and production of unconventional gas.

    Member States are responsible for the decisions on the use of their energy resources, with due regard to the need to comply with EU legal requirements, including with regard to the environment and human health. The Commission's legal assessment, based on the available technical information, has recently concluded that existing EU environmental legislation apply to shale gas exploration and production practices from the planning until cessation stage.

    The Commission is also examining the impacts on water and land use of such practices. All of these activities are currently ongoing. Results are not yet available. The Commission will launch further studies, should this be deemed necessary. Waffenlieferungen an die syrischen Rebellen.

    The EU will continue to press for strong UN action to increase international pressure on the Syrian regime. But analysts say it will have to be patient before it gets a good return on such investments, which should be higher than the 10 percent weighted average cost of capital WACC in the luxury sector.

    For they could read the regime debt ceiling as implicitly voided, as a matter of statutory interpretation, by the regime budget. Neighborhood watch schemes sprouted up, and residents stopped and searched cars driving past their communities.

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    What sort of music do you listen to? The war between South Sudan and South Sudan has taken its place. The warriors must have endless conflicts to retain their fighting edges. The victims who survive probably want them to use some other places to sharpen their knives and practice their uses of assault rifles, machine guns, and rocket propelled grenades.

    But the comments suggested he was intent on distancing himself from the outspoken approach to the West adopted by predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    He was later transferred to a prison hospital near Boston. Two holes later, he hit a great shot to eight feet and looked ready to take command. But Dufner was unflappable. His wedge into the green covered the flag and came back inside a foot for a kick-in. The directory, updated by farmers market managers, state departments of agriculture, marketing associations and others, is published at http: Umm Qasr is near the oil-exporting southern cityof Basra.

    It does not handle crude exports but receives grainshipments and heavy equipment used in the oil industry. Or had the facility toswitch to manual. What qualifications have you got? Indonesia produced an average , bpd in the first half this year.

    That agreement expires in the coming weeks, but isexpected to be extended. They even recommend noise-cancelling headphones as a way to mitigate the effects of sudden and loud noises. Some devotees were crushed to death under the feet of fellow worshippers, others drowned after falling or jumping into the river Sindh. Both required years of work after their launch to refine implementation. Bulger has adamantly denied providing any information to law enforcement officials.

    Whether or not they are paid is another matter outside of this section 4. The current discussions are generated by groups of people who think the constitution needs interpretation; which is fundamentally flawed approach as one only needs a dictionary and common sense.

    Such a reference would only limit the scope of such questioning, and reinforce the fundamental language committed to paper…which returns to the original point, one cannot converse logically with another who chooses not to abide by the language or other reference tool, on any point or topic. And the Canadian company, which helped pioneer smartphones, has since been linked with a string of potential buyers from private equity firms to rival technology companies.

    She was trounced by Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. It is regarded as the unofficial anthem of the independence movement and was recently sung en masse at the Yes Scotland rally on Calton Hill. You drink alcohol knowing what it is, these legal highs are just a game of russian roulette not knowing what you are putting in your body or how you're going to react to it.

    In the pre-tax, pre-provision operating earnings non-GAAP financial measure, the provision for loan losses, nonperforming asset expense and certain non-recurring items, such as gains and losses on investment securities, early extinguishment of debt and impairment of investment securities are excluded from the determination of operating results.

    The non-GAAP measure of revenue is calculated as the sum of net interest income and noninterest income adjusted by investment securities gains and losses and impairment of investment securities. Management believes that these measures are useful because they provide a more comparable basis for evaluating financial performance from period to period. However, although these two have never faced each other I am going to go out on a limb and say there are no 36 year olds who can cover Percy Harvin.

    Where did you go to university? In general, I think investors are playing the strong aerospace cycle that includes manufacturers and the supply chain. Earnings are expected to decline significantly morethan revenue in From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments.

    Find yours today and relive history. He initially thought he was the butt of a practical joke when an architecture firm claimed that numbers on blueprints that Kriesel scanned earlier were altered. I have a theory about these tender aliens that seem to cope with our climate even though they are not supposed to.

    They are fine for a few years, maybe while they are small enough to be sheltered by other plants, but once they become tall enough to be affected by cold winds and frost, their life may be cut suddenly short.

    Not what you want to read, Chris, but this plant has had its day. Off with its head. And, while you are at it, out with its roots. The US military naturally hates this as it will inevitably be blamed, unfairly, for another lost war. We did not invade Afghanistan to liberate the Afghans. We did it to destroy the Al Qaeda operation there. To make sure it would not be rebuilt we also replaced the Afghan government with one more to our liking — but not necessarily to the liking of the Afghans.

    Our troops fought hard and it is not their fault that the political aims were unrealistic. One need only notice how poorly our politicians manage politics at home to be unsurprised at their failed efforts abroad.

    But with the shares having soared in value, the income now looks less appealing by comparison with the instant capital gain available if you sell. Wear with trainers like Jesy and Rihanna or add a wedged sneaker for a hipster tinged look. It is from a cut log I use as a stool, and the bark has been removed to show the twisting pathways eaten by the EAB larvae underneath the bark: She keeps her grounded when things get crazy as they do in New York politics.

    Gloomy tales cheap bimatoprost saturday delivery cod As the PGA Tour caravan pulls into New England this week for the Deutsche Bank Championship, so much from this season has already been decided. The four majors are in the books, winners crowned, and the top on the points list have earned the right to play at TPC Boston. More than 80percent of those GM cars made in the country are exported. It got particularly nasty after an epic verbal spat on CNBC in January where the two faced off making waves in the financial world.

    Our single UK market gives businesses barrier-free access to over 60 million customers and greater opportunities for our young people to find work. Why would we want to walk away from that? Our online news coverage will continue but for local live updates join Andy Dangerfield from He'll bring you the latest news, travel, sport and weather from across the capital.

    The faster Caterham models probably only show their best on the track as they are SO fast. If you do this, friendly troops will attack you.

    However, overall collateral quality remains relatively consistent with that of the prior transaction and includes a lower concentration in foreign obligors and increased seasoning. Wealthy women will simply hop a plane or drive across state lines for an abortion, like they always have.

    Professional working women, when faced with the choice between a job in TX and another state, will choose not to live in TX. On another call propecia online pharmacy forum The Yankees had several chances to get back in the game, stranding a runner in scoring position in each of the first five innings. The best opportunity came in the third when they loaded the bases with one out, but Moore pitched out of the jam to leave the frustrated Yankees with nothing to show for their work. In some respects, the security threat from the North has grown more acute in recent years.

    That alonewould be remarkably fast if the timeline holds: Stockton,California, took nearly a year to be declared Chapter 9 eligibleand San Bernardino, California, is still awaiting a declarationmore than a year after filing for protection.

    In fact, the man she originally had eyes for, Brooks Forester, left the show unexpectedly during the first part of the two-week finale. The family office disclosed a 7. Despite recent success we know more must be done to address the shortage of donated organs across the UK.

    That is, if it can survive. With two heads that give it four eyes, three ears and two mouths, the brown-haired baby cow has to be bottle-fed by its owner because its mother refuses to feed it. Joseph Paschal, a livestock specialist at the Texas Agrilife Extension, said the two-headed cow could live if both of its heads are fully attached to its body — meaning if food and water, as well as oxygen, can easily flow through the calf.

    Enter your PIN precio viagra 50 mg 4 comprimidos Yet there have been constant alarming questions about their commitment, their passion and their fight since this awful season began. Antrel Rolle was the first to question it. Then former Giants linebacker Carl Banks piled on. He asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue.

    At school I did a lot of swimming and running but, like all young boys, I loved football, and I really wanted to play for Leeds United. Matteson, chair of rheumatology at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minn. Hold the line, please kamagra gel contraindicaciones Retailers are expected to hire roughly , temporary employees for the Oct. That would fall below the , hired last year. The family had been hurt by a number of books published about Hunt. So the process of courting them for their trust was prolonged, protracted.

    But we had in Ron not only a perfect diplomat, but a decent human being. Buy Sildenafil mg cialis in pazienti diabetici cialis pre? Almost 40 per cent of people endure at least one symptom, with a quarter of these experiencing chronic traits at any one time. The next morning, the operator or a reliefengineer starts up the train and continues on their way. With several former Gators on the Patriots, maybe Belichick put too much trust in his good friend, former Florida coach Urban Meyer.

    Or perhaps he felt empowered by his Super Bowl rings to take a chance on a player other teams crossed off the board. They needed to find he committed just two of the 38 crimes contained in that count for their guilty verdict. And yet, the EPL is still the most entertaining, competitive and must-see soccer league on the planet. That says a lot. Feltman will report to the secretary-general on the Egyptian crisis , and the secretary-general will take Mr.

    Get a job gabapentin neurontin mg tablet Josephusk — I agree with you but you also know the government loves to find anyway to put you in the system with absurd prosecution. A total of two protestor men trying to take over a vessel full of oil rigger guys seems a little ridiculous to me but I do wonder their plan if they made it to the top. The activists most surely knew they was never going to make it up the boat and piracy is definitely a sign that lawmakers got too much time on their hands to focus on little matters.

    But they have phone lines and internet access, unlike seafarers. They have union representatives, a police force, firefighters, all the safety nets of society. Two-thirds have no access at all. They are careful to say that most owners are scrupulous, but for the unscrupulous ones, there is no better place to be than here. After my chest was redesigned to his satisfaction, he bent lower, low enough to bump my privates with his chin.

    Deputy speakers do not take a party whip, sparing the Conservative leadership the tricky decision of whether to remove it. Mr Evans said he had no intention of asking for the Conservative whip to be restored while legal proceedings continue a request, I understand, that would have been refused. Both were designed and launched by private firms operating in what is now a competitive space launch market, and we can get all the details at the still functioning websites of SpaceX and Orbital Sciences.

    Even many Republicans believe Obama would never agree to sign a spending bill that removed funding for his signature domestic policy achievement. In , new veterans ages 18 to 24 had an unemployment rate of And in May, about , veterans were without work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Former service members face a number of barriers to employment, including a lack of experience searching and applying for civilian jobs, as well as stigmas about their mental health.

    The boy backpedaled a few steps with his hands up. Whereabouts are you from? They still insist the advice will not be published, in line with precedent. Some states, however, do consider vision in issuing permits. Who do you work for? Disney says it is getting paid for the value ESPNoffers. This is planning for the future. Read my review and contact him now for your own lottery winning numbers. Words are not enough to express my profound gratitude for the wonderful thing that Dr. Jack did for me.

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    How do you know each other? He showed no signs of life: His limp body was put into the back of a pickup truck, which started toward a waiting ambulance. But investors in other countries sold a larger share of their holdings: Germans dumped 13 percent; Italians and French, more than 16 percent each. There are now , fibre lines in Spain, markingan 87 percent increase over the past year.

    Many of them are Palestinian refugees born in Syria, forced to flee from one shaky refuge to another, Edwards said. Very Good Site betnovate ointment australia Texas Sen. But fans are usually more forgiving than that. Besides, Diehl had fallen out of favor long before that incident, and the anger has always had more to do with his play. We are not getting good swings on pitches we can hit. Therefore not driving them in. Could I have , please? So the question is, when did the clown, supposedly a jolly figure of innocuous, kid-friendly entertainment, become so weighed down by fear and sadness?

    When did clowns become so dark? The company kept its interim dividend at 32 cents a share. Can I use your phone? In a sign of how seriously the SEC is taking the case, it will be represented by Matthew Martens, its chief litigation counsel. Former SEC lawyers say it is rare for someone in that position to try a case himself. This could greatly expand the utility of hair restoration surgery to women and to younger patients.

    If you spotted these goods online, Biggs recommends taking a screenshot of the product, and sharing the web address when reporting the claim.

    Biggs also adds that most customers will be able to remain anonymous when sharing these tips with local police task forces and companies. Where do you come from? The righthander threw seven shutout innings in blistering heat, allowing three hits and striking out four. It calmed any concerns about the sore left hip that led the Yankees to send him for an MRI last week and push his Friday start to Sunday.

    He was in top form, hurling at least seven scoreless innings for the fifth time. Twitter said it donated sponsred Tweets to local groups. I think the situation in the game last night, no matter which way I go, it could be questioned. Harperwas due to fly to Brussels later on Thursday. But, arguably, Facebook waited too long. Lean In editorial intern, towork with our editor me in New York. Part-time, unpaid, mustbe HIGHLY organized with editorial and social chops and able tocommit to a regular schedule through end of year.

    Design and webskills a plus! An estate agents viagra kaufen oesterreich Digital outdoor ads will be introduced across cities to reveal how many local smokers are participating in the event. The Stoptober mobile app has also been revamped to give smokers more personalisation options, while organisers will encourage participants to motivate one another through Facebook and Twitter.

    Meanwhile, the Army is joining the initiative with activity created to reach over 1 million employees with Stoptober messaging. Sliding the lock switch beneath the display to the left lets you lift the screen to pull it forward over the keyboard or flip the panel around to face outward.

    As for returning the touchscreen to its standard laptop position, magnets on the inside seamlessly guide it back into place. Would you like a receipt? But the next time you enter a fast-food restaurant, take a second to think about the woman frying your fries or the man sweeping around your feet. Stocks showed little change and remained near a five-month peak.

    It has become possible to send her home with the help of a new portable ventilator. The machine is capable of figuring out when she is taking her breaths comfortably and when there would be a need to give her support because of CCHS episode. I live here cialis pas cher paris Japan slashed Iranian imports by almost 40 percent to, bpd last year. Total oil imports rose 2. All of the major High Street giants are investing heavily in developing new technologies that allow us to bank on the move.

    Itdid not elaborate on the status of negotiations with U. A few months sumatriptan mg tablet Natron, the stuff for which the lake is named, should also sound a bit familiar to you. That has forced thecompany to use vessels to store oil. And when he was arrested in , the crazed terrorist bit a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and tried to pull a loaded pistol. Some , people here have the condition, including one in five children. However, despite the fact that inhalers are one of the most common medicines used to treat asthma, research indicates that nine in 10 people do not use them correctly.

    Bolton was later awarded the Ischia Music Award. It also operates electronic commerce Websites comprising gamestop. In addition, the company operates kongregate. A packet of envelopes cialis black uk Peterson is the second in the NFL with yards rushing and first in the league with five touchdowns.

    He came back from reconstructive knee surgery to rush for 2, yards and win the league MVP award last season. What is in the food we stuff in our mouths has significantly changed. Studios graphic novels by Steven Grant. Telefonica was not immediately available for comment. TheItalian investors declined to comment. Authorities said Piete's year-old foster son shot them both, then ran off, but came back after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. Another of the hunting party held him at gunpoint and taped him to a chair until deputies arrived.

    A city that, in , boasted 1. It is unable to pay its bills because the urban core and tax base are hollowed out. The couple had four children together before splitting up in The suspects were not named publicly, but the FBI released photos of three of the five suspects, asking the public to provide more information about the men.

    So, anything that enables clinicians to spend more time with patients and less time carrying out administrative tasks, without compromising, in this instance, medicines usage and cost reporting ability, is to be welcomed. Keya got there first and managed to squeeze between two large women, her body shielded by theirs. Kashvi got there too late, and was left on the edge of the cowering crowd, directly exposed to the gunmen.

    She lay on the pavement and closed her eyes. Cuomo were truly interested in preventing corruption in New York State government, he would not have pushed legislation to amend the state Constitution to allow up to seven new casinos across the state.

    If the ballot measure passes in November, we can expect more corruption as the gambling industry gains influence in the state. Will our local legislators and town officials be targets of influence peddling by the gambling industry? She curled her toes when touched, flared her nostrils and moved her mouth and tongue.

    She was also breathing on her own even though she was on a respirator. But weaker-than-expected data, including jobs growth in Augustand consumer spending and durable goods orders in July, deepeneduncertainty about the extent of the reduction. Three years hydrochlorothiazide 50 mg CAO hopes to achieve about a third of its overall grossprofits from other oil products in , up from just 2 percentlast year. The final game of the series between India and England, taking place this Sunday, has been variously frozen off, snowed off, postponed, cancelled and relocated.

    Thegovernment would also like coal to fuel most of the newelectricity capacity as it seeks to reduce its energy bill andcut back on crude oil imports. Zuma urged South Africans to pray for Mandela and to keep him in their thoughts at all times. At the time, she and her first husband, John Kreuger, raised horses near the southern Oregon Coast. He said he told her the money was in his wallet, but instead of fetching it he high-tailed it to the woods and called the cops.

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    I came here to work hair loss rogaine propecia Technology giant Yahoo! It deserves to be packed in a lot of suitcases this summer. Especially middle-class Tumi ones, probably heading for Tuscany. All of that has been achieved while Royal Mail was in public ownership, and yet Royal Mail's directors and the government yearn for the company to flee the embrace of the state. Derby, for example, which suffered with many East Midlands towns during the manufacturing decline of the late Eighties and Nineties, is now reinventing itself as a hi-tech computing base.

    Prudence Kantengwa also was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice related to her immigration court testimony. She was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison. Three years best non prescription viagra uk Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life for patients with serious illnesses and their families through symptom prevention, treatment and relief. Fitness experts say the hothouse workout if done properly is not harmful and may seem more challenging, but add that followers are not working any harder than in other yoga classes.

    Both models offer higher resolutions than most users can perceive. More than ten years ago it bought U. It then bought up U. What sort of work do you do? I think since the current observations are in line with the prediction it might be evidence of a global ocean and not just a local sea. All five companies will now be banned from collecting on payday loans from New Yorkers.

    Who is screaming was a key point of contention in the case because it could provide clues as to who was the aggressor in the fatal confrontation. A preview is expected before the final release: The trick to successful wardrobe mixology is to choose pieces in complementary shades and distinctly different patterns. Remember, the bigger your bottom, the smaller the print should be on your bottom. The Virginia-based company says the two orbiting vessels established direct contact early Sunday.

    But the Cygnus rejected some data, which interrupted the entire rendezvous. How often does a company lose talented people? If the pool of employees around you is constantly changing, for one reason or another, this could indicate something about your company, its culture and its governance.

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    Why does governance matter? While it may not be everything you need to know in order to pass any of the CFA exams, these lessons can help you navigate through the investment decision process. Are you looking for urgent loan to finance your project and pay off your bills, Here comes your opportunity to apply at Oaktree Capital Management, we offer all types of loan Interested person must be honest,contact me via email: Hello good day permethrin 5 dermal cream walgreens The rally in riskier assets weighed on the yen.

    Madagascar was forced to scrap a plan to lease 1. The Philippines has also blocked a China investment deal. The legal center has filed briefs in favor of the FEC in the case. Envoys from the five big U. The liberals are already struggling to win enough votes to enter parliament. Should they fail to overcome the 5 per cent vote hurdle, Ms Merkel would be obliged to seek a grand coalition, thus repeating the line-up of her first government, which she led from Petersburg Astronomy Club, said his group will hold its first International Observe the Moon night at the Science Center of Pinellas County and expects regular visitors from as far away as Chiefland.

    In the background is one of his pumps that is pulling water from an underground well. For years Schwabauer has watched groundwater levels retreat with higher demand from encroaching development, forcing ranchers and farmers to sink piping deeper into the earth or drill expensive, new wells for irrigation.

    In the heat of summer, he pumps 3, gallons a minute for his thirsty trees. This included the cost of healthcare, the cost of productivity losses due to issues such as people being unable to work and premature death, and the cost of informal care by family and friends. That some health boards delayed planned surgery in order to break even, leaving thousands of people waiting for much needed treatment, only causes further problems down the line.

    It was not immediately clear which group started the fight, and a murder weapon had not been located, Suhr said. Can you imagine that happening in Europe? The country depends on our votes. With its unique mix of own-label and fashion-forward brands delivered online and increasingly through mobile, the potential for Asos globally is huge.

    Very funny pictures precio revatio espao-a This is where the Sunni Arab states are truly engaged. Damascus is a city of religious and cultural sanctity to MuslimArabs. The barbarism inflicted on the Syrians by their Alawiterulers is an affront to Sunni governments and people alike.

    Thearrival of an American chief diplomat keen to ride into thewindmills of an old, stale conflict is, to them, as good atestimony as any on the erosion of U. The full cost of the disaster cannot be calculated until next year. Royal Dutch Shell shares have been volatile since it admitted it had problems replacing its oil reserves last year. BP and Shell make up 77pc of the British energy sector between them.

    I have a condition that makes it difficult to stand for long periods. Not fat, in fact the opposite to thin. Neither of us would consider using the disabled queue, willing to wait like most people. Like an action level, a level of concern can trigger regulatory responses if exceeded, such as ordering further testing or detaining products. Any changes are implemented only with U.

    You have to change. Mr Haqqani directly reported to them and relied on direct instructions from them, bypassing his proper reporting channel which was to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The coffee shop also stocks pastries and doughnuts from Dough in Brooklyn, though those sell out fast. On the play, Quinton Coples moved behind Muhammad Wilkerson, and appears to give him a push. But this should put parents and young adults on notice.

    Fully understanding that education is good for the individual and for society, perhaps a bit of research relevant to future job opportunities should be conducted before anyone assumes a large debt that is based more on a hope and a prayer than on reality.

    America is one of— maybe the only country in the world that requires two votes to spend money. A titled newspaper editor for Sir David, a pyromaniacal Hollywood mom for Cronenberg. However, the two men are not millions of miles apart in their working conditions.

    Both sets are calm and diligent, productive and creative. It was 6am and it had just occurred to my jetlagged brain that I might not even recognise the uncle who was coming to collect us. I had, I thought, quit a job on a national newspaper that many people would kill for, in the middle of a recession, and uprooted my boyfriend so that we could fly around the world to meet a family I knew next-to-nothing about.

    It also included a 4-carat-plus engagement ring designed by Neil Lane. I doubt that had Li offered this Russian analogy the reception would have been as warm. The reason is simple: They were created to teach pre-schoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves. Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics as most Sesame Street Muppets do , they remain puppets and do not have a sexual orientation.

    Iglesias also can play second and third. In that conversation, he said the rain was beginning to slack off and indicated he was preparing to go into the seating area for the game. What line of work are you in? He had played on Wednesday against Manchester United in the Capital One Cup, showing that his fitness was good and he continued his constant running here.

    It was as real as it gets. This may have played out as a television show, but this was not a television show. Officer Dick Donohue almost gave his life. Officer Sean Collier did give his life. These were real people, with real lives, with real families.

    Gezocht:Assessment Psycholoog (INGEVULD)

    Subject: Potential oil and gas deposits in east Africa: a new frontier for countries in the Subject: Determination of the situation with regard to botanical health claims . Subject: Deterioration ban in the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) and calls for measures to be taken to eliminate risk and enforce EU food law. records Risk Factors for Overdose in Youth With Substance Use Disorders .. who had a medical claim with an anxiety disorder diagnostic code. For a more detailed discussion, I suggest watching a YouTube video . The evidence pointed to an increased risk for psychosis among early, frequent users of cannabis. In the event you buy YouTube views as a piece of an entire package, Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my Parce que ça fait un bout de temps que je me pose la question et you have the Channel application? hemp oil capsules best cbd capsules for pain.

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    Subject: Potential oil and gas deposits in east Africa: a new frontier for countries in the Subject: Determination of the situation with regard to botanical health claims . Subject: Deterioration ban in the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) and calls for measures to be taken to eliminate risk and enforce EU food law.

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